74-year-old Casino Winner Robbed at Gunpoint; Suspected Thieves Nabbed

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What should have been just a routine day at a local casino turned violent for one gambler in Northern California last Thursday. A 74-year-old female gambler found Lady Luck on her side while at the Win-River Casino in Redding, CA, but her day met a brutal end when she arrived home. The individual, whose name wasn’t released, was attacked and robbed at gunpoint as she exited her car, but fortunately didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries. The would-be bandits definitely didn’t have Lady Luck with them, as they were busted shortly after.

Bonnie & Clyde, They’re Not

According to local media outlet KOVR, it all started when the septuagenarian started winning at the casino. It isn’t clear what she was playing, but it didn’t take long for two other individuals to notice her good fortune. They reportedly began shadowing her until she finally decided to retreat home with her winnings. As she arrived at her home, so did the would-be Bonnie & Clyde, who didn’t waste time putting their doomed scheme into action.

Clyde approached the woman, brandishing a gun and demanding her money. The victim struggled but ultimately had to give in after being dragged out of her car. The thief took off with the victim’s purse, leaving her with a non-life-threatening cut on her arm. He jumped into a waiting car, reportedly being driven by Bonnie, before making his getaway as bystanders helped the victim and called the police.

The Eyes in the Sky Do Their Job

Casinos have been around for a long time. They know virtually all the tricks and schemes that someone might try to pull, which is why they have installed cameras everywhere. Those cameras and the surveillance footage they captured played a crucial role in figuring out who Bonnie & Clyde really were, and it didn’t take long for the perpetrators to be identified – they didn’t bother trying to hide their faces from the all-seeing eyes of Win-River.

Based on the footage and corroboration of eyewitnesses, the duo was identified as 33-year-old Timothy Wilt and 24-year-old Allissa Long. Not only were the identities uncovered, but so was the vehicle they used for their master plan. It was tied to Wilt and confirmed by eyewitnesses as the car used in the attack, and police only had to follow the paper trail from there. They traced Wilt to an apartment complex in the town of Red Bluff, where they found the criminals inside. After initially refusing to surrender, Wilt and Long finally gave up and will now answer for their crimes. They face charges of robbery, making criminal threats, and “elderly abuse with great bodily harm.” No word was given on whether or not the victim was able to recover her purse or her winnings.

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