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1×2 Network Introduces Dedicated Arcade Games Portfolio

1x2Gaming has launched a brand-new portfolio of Mine Games and Instant Win which will be shared with partner operators. As part of the 1×2 Network, operators will have access to a number of excellent new games that are all rallied under the “Arcade Games” umbrella by the company’s game developing subsidiary 1x2Gaming.

The new portfolio will focus on the traditional 80s vibes that are so familiar to true arcade gaming fans, combining the potential for a great payout with the popular and straightforward gameplay mechanics. The Instant Win and Mine Games will give players true satisfaction with the experience and allow for customizable gameplay settings.

Players will be in control of their gameplay sessions and choose from shorter and longer options. 1x2Gaming claims that participants will be able to come up with brand new strategies to play the games and even “hone their skills,” which could lead to an increased chance of winning.

Making a Move Towards Better Gamification and Strategy

This new suite of games is not there to just offer slightly altered gameplay scenarios. Rather, 1x2Gaming wants to make sure that operators can offer players games that rely on strategy and careful planning as opposed to random chance.

The ultimate goal is to give players more control over what the final outcome of each game could be. The Arcade Games portfolio comes with titles such as Pop ‘Til You Drop which will have fluctuating RTP, ranging from 88% to 93%, to 95% to 97%. The maximum payout win here is set at €250,000.

This is not all of the games available on the portfolio. Mine Games, Coin Field, and Coin Vault are just some of the other aptly named games that will be coming to the 1×2 Network’s portfolio. This and branded versions of the Mine Games, too. Commenting on the release, 1×2 Network account management and marketing director Rory Kimber said:

“We are undoubtedly seeing a shift in player preferences towards slots with gamified elements, and possibility for player strategy, and where they can hone their skills to improve their chances of winnings prizes.”

1×2 Network account management and marketing director Rory Kimber

This new ambitious undertaking by 1x2Network and its content-development arm will offer operators to alter the paradigms and introduce gamblers to more entertaining forms of casino gameplay. Kimber feels confident in the future success of these games as well as how they innovate the existing portfolio.


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