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18-Year-Old North Carolina Man Wins $1M from Lottery

The North Carolina Lottery has revealed the name of a new winner, 18-year-old Dalton Radford from Dallas, who bagged a $1-million prize with his instant ticket. The lottery detailed the story of Radford who made a $10 purchase of a scratch-off ticket while on his break between two daily jobs and ended up getting the correct one.

New Pickup Truck Is All a Young Man Wants

The young man told the press that he had just left work and was on his way to his second-day job, grabbing a quick refill when he decided to purchase the ticket. Radford recounted the minutes after that – with him phoning his mother, father, and grandfather to break the news to them as well.

That came to the delightful surprise of his grandfather who had predicted, Radford said, his grandson’s fortune and advised him to buy a lottery ticket as he had a feeling the young man would make it big. As to what he would do with the money, Radford wasn’t immediately sure.

He suggested that it would be nice to have to buy a new Chevrolet Silverado, which costs around $35,600 but has more advanced options, too. Still, Radford needs to keep in mind that he cannot cash out the full prize all at once. There is the option to get the money all at once but at a much-reduced amount of only $600,000.

Tax Applies to Lottery Winnings Anyway

If Radford prefers to pace himself, he can opt for a 20-year annuity which will guarantee him a much bigger share of the win, but at a reduced annual rate. Opting for the lump sum – which is what the majority of lottery winners do anyway – would leave him home with only $427,063 after all taxes are applied.

So far, four million-dollar prizes have been won off North Carolina with only one left in circulation. Scratch cards are often discarded by people who do not win immediately and who are either not aware of the second-chance promotions or not too interested altogether. However, North Carolina has five “second chance” games that can turn a pauper ticket into a real winner yet.


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