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Top 10 Casino Slot Streamers

Streaming has quickly taken over the world by storm and is now a major modern phenomenon. The popularization of video-sharing platforms has helped this vertical find its way into people’s hearts. As a result, streaming now thrives as one of the most popular forms of contemporary entertainment. 

Thanks to the popularization of streaming and iGaming, Twitch, the most popular streaming platform by far, has dedicated an entire section to slot games. While Twitch recently prohibited the streaming of unlicensed or dangerous titles, the Slots section is still going strong. There are also many rival streaming platforms gaining popularity including Kick, Youtube, and Facebook.


Corinna Kopf is another Stake.com enthusiast. Shattering the stereotypes that all casino players are men, Kopf is a breath of fresh air in the slots streaming ecosystem. Corinna is only 27 years old, making her one of the younger Slots enthusiasts. Yet, she already has over a million followers and is cementing herself as one of the top content creators in the section.

While still lagging behind some of her peers in terms of viewership Corinna is still a force to be reckoned with. With around 5,400 average viewers and almost 23,000 peak viewers, she is currently the fastest-growing slots streamer in the sector.

Corinna only began streaming slots this year and is already the third-largest channel. At first, she played with Duelbits Casino, before moving to Stake.com. Corinna currently has more than a million followers on Twitch and continues to regularly stream slots and other casino games such as blackjack.

Before picking up online casino games, Corinna used to play Fortnite a lot and was one of the top Fortnite streamers. While she still logs into Epic Games’ magnum opus from time to time, her main content is now centered around her Slots endeavors.


Many gambling enthusiasts would have heard of Trainwrecks. The streamer has become famous thanks to his sincere and charitable nature and is now considered to be the best Slots content creator.

Trainwrecks’ real name is Tyler Faraz Niknam. He is now 31 years old and has been creating gaming content ever since 2015. While he’s been making streams for other games as well, his most popular videos by far are his Slots streams. Although other streamers may occasionally surpass Trainwrecks in terms of average viewership, he remains one of the highest-earning Slots creators, alongside ROSHTEIN.

While Trainwrecks has been involved in controversies over some allegedly mean remarks, he is also known as a very generous person. The streamer has donated millions to his friends, family, viewers, and people in need. 

According to the latest statistics, Trainwrecks has an average of 22,152 viewers. His peak viewership capped at almost 83,000 viewers. Trainwrecks’ Twitch channel boasts a whopping 2 million followers and his fans have collectively watched over 3 million hours of content.


Jukes’ content is in Portuguese, allowing people in Portugal and Brazil to enjoy his slots streams. The creator, real name Flávio Fernandes, is known as an avid League of Legends player. Jukes is actually something more – he is an esports player.

When not competing in the Runeterra universe, Jukes likes to host Slots streams. He is sometimes seen playing live casino games as well.

Jukes might not be as active in the Slots section as most of the other names on this list, but he is definitely one of the most influential streamers to stream gambling content. The creator boasts almost 1.8 million followers on Twitch which makes him the biggest channel to stream slots in Portuguese.

Jukes might not be the most impressive channel in terms of all-time-high viewership with his channel having a peak viewership of around 35,000 viewers. However, he is among the fastest-growing channels and has many loyal fans who keep following his content.


In the same way, Jukes’ content is designed to appeal to Portuguese and Brazilian audiences, Joaquín “ElcanaldeJoaco” López provides entertainment to Slots enthusiasts within the vast Spanish-speaking world.

ElcanaldeJoaco is not far behind Jukes in terms of followers. The streamer is followed by 1.5 million people who have collectively watched over 11.2 million hours of content. These metrics easily put the creator at the forefront of the flourishing Slots scene on Twitch.

With a peak viewership of 132,019 viewers, ElcanaldeJoaco is definitely a channel Spanish-speaking Slots enthusiasts should check.


Pimpeano, whose real name is Galo Blasco Gutiérrez, is another Spanish-speaking content creator, hailing from Argentina. His Slots content is beloved by many, as attested by his 1,350,931 followers.

Pimpeano joined Twitch in 2017 and has been steadily streaming ever since. His big breakthrough came in 2020 when he started gaining a lot of new followers. All and all, the creator has streamed over 1,901 hours of content and his fans have watched his streams for over 8 million hours.

Pimpeano’s viewership record is 103,261 viewers. His audience is always coming back to see his exciting Slots content. When not spinning the reels, Pimpeano can be seen playing other titles. He often likes to hop into World of Warcraft and stream his adventures in Azeroth.


Ishmael Schwartz is a Swedish streamer who has cemented his place as the most entertaining slots streamer. His viewership is more or less the same as Trainwrecks’ with both of them having a peak viewership of more than 80,000 people (84,977 in ROSHTEIN’s case) and a current average of around 20,000 viewers.

ROSHTEIN barely fails to outmatch his colleague in terms of hours watched with more than 169 million hours watched against Trainwrecks’ 173 million. In addition, ROSHTEIN currently has two times fewer followers than the latter streamer does.

ROSHTEIN first joined Twitch in 2016. His way of adding an extra layer of entertainment to slot games is what really made him stand out among other Slots streamers. ROSHTEIN loves to showcase Stake.com’s engaging and highly-entertaining slots and spice them up with his own narration.

The content creator loves taking huge risks and often places huge bets on slots. His aggressive style is something that not everyone can afford, making him one of the best streamers to watch by high-rollers or people who just like to see big bets.


As an Italian, Louis “LosPollosTV” adds to the diversity of this list. However, he is currently based in the United States and streams in English, allowing many people to enjoy his content.

LosPollosTV has 683,000 total followers and has streamed a whopping 7,353 hours of content since joining Twitch in 2016. He has an average of a little fewer than 5,000 viewers and a peak viewership of 57,589 viewers. LosPollosTV’s fans have viewed his videos 23.1 times and have watched over 34,6 million hours of content.

LosPollosTV doesn’t only stream slot games and can sometimes be seen playing live casino. When not gambling, Louis adores playing sports simulation games.


Jean Carlo Dias, also known as jean_mago, is yet another esports pro who likes to stream when not competing in League of Legends. As a Brazilian, Jean streams in Portuguese.

A fervent Stake enthusiast, Jean is streaming gambling content at least a few times per month. In recent times, Jean seems to prefer streaming live casino games rather than slot games and can often be seen playing blackjack with Stake.

Jean currently has 643,000 followers and an average of 2,724 viewers. He has been streaming since 2018 and is still going strong. As of the time of this writing, Jean’s fans have watched over 14.4 million hours of content.


Kevin Bongers is a German streamer who has become popular for his Grand Theft Auto content. He adores playing GTA roleplay and also likes to compete in League of Legends from time to time.

In addition, orangemorange can often be seen streaming slots. As a content creator, Bongers offers German-speaking viewers a rich selection of localized content. He has something for everyone, which has helped him retain his position among the top slots streamers.

Orangemorange has a total of 538,000 followers and an average of 1,856 viewers. He has been active on the Amazon-owned platform since 2016 and has streamed over 10,700 hours of content.


Cody “Xposed” Burnett has been regularly streaming content on Twitch since 2016. He boasts 533,000 followers and an average of 1,872 viewers. Although he is the last on this list, Xposed is not far behind his more popular peers in terms of all-time high viewers and had 18,711 concurrent viewers in his prime.

Xposed is young and energetic. Other than slots, he also likes to play Halo Infinite, the latest addition to the beloved sci-fi franchise. He is also a fan of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series.

Xposed comes from Ontario and streams in English, making his content perfect for a wider audience. When gambling, the content creator likes to place excitingly-big bets that keep his audience on the edges of their seats. The creator used to play with Roobet Casino but now, like many others, prefers Stake’s offerings.

Adin Ross – An Honorable Mention

When it comes to streaming slots, Adin Ross used to be the reigning king for a while. Boasting over 6.5 million followers on his main channel, Ross averaged more views than any other Slots streamer. Although the creator has become somewhat of a controversial figure, many still love him and his content.

In reality, Adin first became popular through YouTube. His channel on the platform currently has over 2.8 million subscribers. Despite being on YouTube for a while, his true rise to prominence came when the famous basketball superstar LeBron James appeared on one of his NBA 2K20 streams.

The content creator became most popular for streaming NBA2K20, as well as certain shooter titles, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. However, with time, Ross refocused and, for a while, was mostly dedicated to Twitch’s Slots section. Unfortunately, Ross was affected by Twitch’s ban on unregulated games and migrated over to another streaming platform called Kick.

Other Creators to Watch Out for

While the aforementioned streamers are the best of the best, there are also many rising stars that deserve credit. Scurrows, for example, is a fast-growing German channel that currently averages 5,100 viewers. While lagging behind in terms of followers, the streamer has a loyal audience that keeps following his content. Another rising star is ZonaGemelos, an enthusiastic Spanish-speaking Slots streamer who also has a current average of about 5,100 viewers. Lastly, viewers should watch out for Santutu, yet another Spanish-speaking creator whose Slots streams have been attracting an average of 4,500 in the last few days.

In Conclusion

The Slots category on Twitch remains a great way for people to have fun and enjoy slot games or live casinos. Clever punters can take a lesson or two by watching professional content creators play. Some might use the streams as escapism since not everyone can afford to be a high roller. In addition, as the aforementioned creators demonstrate, there are Slots streams in many languages, allowing people all over the world to enjoy the vertical.

Whether you are an existing slot games enjoyer, a player, or someone who is just interested in slot games, there is definitely content that will suit your needs.

The Slots community is currently concerned about Twitch’s ban on unregulated gambling content and how it would affect the ecosystem. Unfortunately, the full extent of the ban’s effect is yet to be seen. Some streamers may have to resign with new operators but even so, the Slots section is here to stay. 

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