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New Features You Should Look for in a Roulette Game To Boost Your Chances

Roulette is a classic table game that’s captured the imagination of gamblers for centuries – and when you look at what makes it great… well, it’s really no wonder. This is one of the simplest and most intriguing ways of gambling, and countless players have been fascinated by the idea of increasing their chances… but in what ways can this be done?

Before we start checking out the latest features to be added to these games, it’s worth considering some of the timeless advice on choosing a roulette game that will give you the best odds of winning – so let’s make a start!

The Type of Wheel Used

The first thing you need to understand about roulette before placing your bets is that there are two different types of wheels used. European roulette games use a wheel with a single zero, while American versions also have a double zero pocket on the wheel.

This might not sound like a big deal, but it’s significant enough to make the house edge on American games about double the amount on the European counterpart. Place any bet on a European table and the house edge will be 2.7%, while American roulette has a comparatively massive 5.26%. You might decide to use a strategy like Martingale to try to get this number lower (but make sure you do some thorough reading before you begin).

In theory, you could play several spins without this having any effect simply because the ball doesn’t land in the double zero. Yet, the law of large numbers is our guide as to what might happen if you keep playing the American wheel, as the results get closer to the mean the more you play. This means that European roulette is a particularly useful choice for longer gambling sessions.

Special Rules or Bet Types

When you choose a European game of roulette, you’ll see that some versions have an oval-shaped betting area known as a racetrack. The bets in this area – like voisins du zero and orphelins – don’t give you any extra advantage over standard wagers, although they may interest you in the way that they cover several numbers using a variety of chips.

Some French versions of the game have rules that are more interesting for players looking to get any sort of advantage. That’s because la partage and en prison come into play if you place an even money bet and the ball lands in zero. La partage gives you 50% of your stake back in this case, while the en prison rule keeps your chip on the bet for another spin. These rules make this the lowest house edge in roulette but finding games that include them isn’t always easy.

The Latest Features and Bonuses

For most of the history of roulette, the basic game changed very little. In the past, players who visited world-famous casinos such as those in Monte Carlo and Baden-Baden could be sure that they were going to see exactly the same game they’d seen on their trips to other casinos.

The move to online casinos has been the catalyst for change, though. These sites gather a large collection of games in their lobbies, which means that you can look for a version that suits you perfectly. For example, you might decide to try a classic version of roulette, or you might look at the latest releases to see what they offer.

It’s pretty impressive just how many options there are. With the choice growing all the time, you can take a look around to see what different ways are available to play roulette online in Canada. Apart from classic versions of the game, you’ll see alternative ways of playing like Double Dragon Roulette, where as many as five multipliers can be added on each spin. Virtual Burning Roulette also adds multipliers – of up to 100x – onto certain straight-up bets before the game begins.

While multipliers have proven to be the major development in live roulette games in recent years, we’ve also seen a lot of wheel-based game shows like Crazy Time and Funky Time that have drawn inspiration from roulette gameplay. These games often have added bonus rounds where additional prizes can be won, while the main game could be viewed as a sort of simplified version of roulette.

Fairness and Security

While these established and emerging roulette features add to the appeal and diversity of a timeless game, there are other factors that you can’t afford to overlook when looking for the ideal way to play. Among them is the fairness and security of your chosen game. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that the developer and casino are both trustworthy.

At the heart of roulette is a cleverly designed game of chance that gives you a fair opportunity to win money in a short amount of time. By following the tips we’ve looked at here, you can look to increase the odds of a win while enjoying some of the best ways of playing online.

If you’re looking for more in-depth strategies, then check out our full guide for the best roulette strategies.

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