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Bruno Mars Gambling Debt: Does Bruno Mars Have a Gambling Problem?

Bruno Mars’ larger-than-life personality and natural instincts as an entertainer have won him a lot in life. Yet, his name has been tarnished by rumors that he may be owing $50 million to MGM Resorts International. Is Bruno Mars’ gambling debt running that high? Does he have a gambling debt to begin with? And does Bruno Mars really have a gambling problem?

The answer to all of these questions is mostly a flat no. Why is then the internet abuzz with rumors that Bruno Mars has indeed stacked up a multi-million gambling debt, and at the properties of a company he has an official residency with as an entertainer? Well, it mostly concerns the proverbial saying that a lie can travel halfway across the world while the truth is busy putting on its shoes.

Bruno Mars Gambling Debt: True or False?

Bruno Mars' singing Las Vegas
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False. The news that Bruno Mars may have a $50 million gambling debt owed to Park MGM in Las Vegas was first reported by media publication NewsNation. The Internet was immediately seized by the question – is Bruno Mars really a problem gambler, and how come his debt has been hidden until now?

While speculation swirled, both Mars and MGM issued a rebuttal to the claim, arguing that the rumors were unfounded and plain wrong. A statement by MGM said that the relationship between the singer and the hospitality giant was one of “mutual respect,” and that the pair would continue to create unforgettable experiences for guests of the property.

The report by NewsNation was rather damning, however. The media outlet said that Mars had earned $90 million from his residency with the property but used the bulk of that to cover his gambling debt.

These allegations proved spurious according to both Mars’ team and MGM Resorts, but they are interestingly marked by very detailed-oriented reporting. NewsNation supposedly cited a “Vegas insider,” and has refused to release the name of the source citing confidentiality and protecting its sources.

So, the question remains – is the publication stirring controversy to raise its profile while running a risk of legal lawsuit for defamation? The details of the original story indicate that the person writing was either reporting using inside knowledge or they were coming up with a pure figment where Bruno Mars was a gambling addict, with huge amounts of gambling debts owed to MGM.

Bruno Mars has also extended his original residency at MGM Resorts International and has not filed a lawsuit against NewsNation so far, although such proceedings usually take a long while.

Bruno Mars Gambling in Vegas – Has Mars Been Seen Gambling?

Not only the rumors about Mars’ gambling debt to MGM have been proven bogus, but the singer is also not seen gambling on tables in Vegas – or at least not frequently. The fact that he currently has zero gambling debt with the Park Casino also indicates that even if he was dabbling in gambling, Bruno Mars is no gambling addict.

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His relationship with gambling is one of an accidental onlooker for the most part, or somewhat who may indulge a colleague or a friend to sit down at a table and have a friendly chat. However, the man himself has been steering clear of gambling debt.

What If Bruno Mars Really Has a Gambling Debt?

Entering the realm of pure speculation, Bruno Mars’ potential gambling debt to MGM would be quite a bit of a shock as the singer has never displayed signs of addiction, nor has he been a publicly controversial figure.

Apart from having a few spats with fellow musicians over projects they worked on together, notably Anderson Paak, Mars has been known to be an easy-going, welcoming, and kind man. Gambling addiction does stay silent until it becomes a huge problem and people who suffer from this type of disorder are usually very private and insecure about stepping forward.

With both Mars and MGM Resorts denying the rumors flatly and NewsNation tending to report things a little on the tabloid side, the idea that Bruno Mars’ gambling debt even exists remains in the realm of pure tangential speculation.


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