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Gambling Tattoos – Crazy & Wacky Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are quite a bit of fun. Their history obviously goes back centuries, but body painting has been part of every culture, ethos, and religion throughout human evolution. Today, we do tattoos about anything we love, and a gambling tattoo shouldn’t surprise you at all. Many people tattoo popular elements of the gambling experience on their bodies, such as the ace of spades or the roulette wheel, whether they are inspired by Las Vegas or Motorhead’s song.

We will now look at some popular tattoo designs and ideas that may strike home with you and compel you to get an ink job yourself! Whether you want to tattoo Lady Luck on your leg or a pair of dice on your shoulder or chest, there are many tattoo design ideas that you will probably want to get yourself.

Finding a gambling tattoo design that resonates with you will definitely take some looking. After all, committing ink to your skin is not an entirely comfortable experience and besides, replacing a tattoo is somewhat difficult, so when you choose, you should choose well.

Popular gambling tattoo ideas here include the roulette wheel and ace of spades, inspired by the Motorhead song by the same name. You can get a poker card or a joker, pay tribute to any dice game you love or have an entire roulette table tattooed on your body. 

There are many excellent ideas that you can explore. Some gamblers prefer to get chips or have multiple gambling elements tattooed on their bodies. Others are all about the subtler meaning of the tattoo.

Is it a queen or a jack? Does the tattoo suggest one’s love for a woman or their love for gambling as such? There are many ideas you can vest into a tattoo and get it right, but how each tattoo artist brings the tattoo to life is what determines its worth.

Below you can find some of the favorites that we’ve come across in the past years:

#1 Whiskey, Cards, Chips and More

#1 Whiskey, Cards, Chips and More Gambling Tattoo

#2 Las Vegas, Nevada and All It Stands For

#2 Las Vegas, Nevada and All It Stands For Gambling Tattoo

#3 The King Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

#3 The King Is Dead, Long Live the Queen Gambling Tattoo

#4 The Die Is Cast

#4 The Die Is Cast Gambling Tattoo

#5 Sin City

#5 Sin City Gambling Tattoo

#6 Money in the Bank

#6 Money in the Bank Gambling Tattoo

#7 Chance, the Seductress

#7 Chance, the Seductress Gambling Tattoo

#8 Money-Clad

#8 Money-Clad Gambling Tattoo

#9 All In on Roulette

#9 All In on Roulette Gambling Tattoo

#10 Laugh at Fate

#10 Laugh at Fate Gambling Tattoo

#11 Russian Roulette

#11 Russian Roulette Gambling Tattoo

#12 Mr Monopoly

#12 Mr Monopoly Gambling Tattoo

#13 Packing the Casino

#13 Packing the Casino Gambling Tattoo

#14 King of 7’s

#14 King of 7’s Gambling Tattoo

#15 Death Holds the Aces

#15 Death Holds the Aces Gambling Tattoo

#16 Two Face King

#16 Two Face King Gambling Tattoo

#17 Blackjack

#17 Blackjack Gambling Tattoo

#18 The Ace of Spades

#18 The Ace of Spades Gambling Tattoo

#19 Bad Boys Win

#19 Bad Boys Win Gambling Tattoo

#20 Beating the House

#20 Beating the House Gambling Tattoo

Where Can I Get More Tattoo Ideas?

Gambling tattoo ideas are available pretty much everywhere. You can browse galleries on Pinterest and find dozens upon dozens of images. A simple search through Reddit will furnish a few great ideas as well, and not least, there are gambling tattoo sleeve options that you can copy and turn into real ink on your arm, chest, or anywhere else.

You can find inspiration for your next gambling tattoo in Las Vegas as you gamble at some of your favorite games. Players are inclined to tattoo lucky charms, a suit, or a skull.  It really is up to you. Most tattoos for men usually have to do with slightly more ostentatious designs.

There is the machismo, the show-off element, and the challenge issued to the rest of the world and gamblers that you are sporting a cool gambling tattoo, and nobody can tell you a thing about it. Interestingly, women usually get more discrete gambling tattoos done in taste and with precision.

Picking the Right Color

Choosing a color that makes the tattoo stand out is important. Many people think that going with bright colors is a good idea, but they soon regret their decision. In fact, black and grey tattoos seem to look the best. They are discrete, elegant, and far more compelling.

You can still experiment with colors, especially if there are some elements such as card suits, and you want a bit of contrast to make the tattoo stand out better. Ultimately, you want to pick a color palette that makes sense and doesn’t harm your tattoo design or detract from its originality through poor choice of colors.

Where Should You Get the Tattoo?

There are many body parts where you can get a gambling tattoo. Now, there are generally two types of gamblers. The first will prefer to keep their tattoos discrete for the “wow” factor. When someone discovers the tattoo, they are taken aback by the fact. These body parts include the shoulders and arms, chest, and back.

The other type of players don’t mind showing off a little more. They will have tattoos on their forearm, ankle, or even leg. They don’t mind teasing onlookers with a tattoo placed somewhere visible. In the end, it really is your own choice where you would want to get the tattoo.

There are some other factors to consider, though. Apart from the art value of each tattoo, it would help if you considered how painful a tattoo could be.

Getting a tattoo is not the most comfortable experience, and you must be sure you want one because it would be unpleasant to quit mid-way and end up with a botched tattoo!

If you are afraid of pain then we recommend trying some cool tattoo sleeves instead. They come in many great designs and ideas, and you don’t have to commit ink to your skin. Besides, a sleeve can always help you figure out if you enjoy having tattoos in the first place.

If this is your first try, we recommend getting a small tattoo and then working your way up. If you like and can sit through the process, you can turn an arm tattoo into something much bigger. This is another reason why you need the right expert for the job.

How to Hire the Right Tattoo Expert

The choice of a gambling tattoo design is definitely an important moment in getting the tattoo in the first place, and there is no doubt about this. However, what matters more is finding a tattoo artist that is actually worth your money.

You don’t want to save up on a good tattoo design. In fact, you want to make sure that you find the best possible studio in your area or even travel to another to get the best possible service and ink work done.

We recommend always reviewing each artist and studio, doing further research into their portfolio, and listening to customer feedback. Very few studios will get glowing reviews, and there will always be some disgruntled customers who have not let artists do their job because it was hurtful or they had an idea that the studio knew it would simply not work.

That’s why finding the right man or woman for the job matters. Once you do, you will trust them and avoid any unnecessary risk related to the tattoo going wrong.

Gambling Tattoos Meaning

Whatever the gambling tattoo you end up getting, you will probably want to make that it means something to you. Whether it’s just a spur-of-the-moment cool idea or something that you have given some consideration to, the best results are usually those that take some deeper meaning.

You may want to ask yourself what aspect of the gambling experience you find the most satisfying, for starters. Is it playing cards or spending your time at the craps and roulette tables? There are many viable choices here.

A universal gambling tattoo done in style by a highly skilled artist may be best, but it’s your body, so anything that has a deeper meaning is alright as long as you find it enjoyable and worthwhile. A clover and horseshoe will usually signal luck, the number 21 will always refer to blackjack, and so on.

Is Getting a Gambling Tattoo Worth It?

Getting a gambling tattoo can be a fun experience, that’s for sure. You will have a badge of honor to show to your fellow gamblers or just inspire respect in others. Whatever your reason for getting a tattoo is, you are always advised to think it through. How is a tattoo going to change as your body ages or as you change your body weight? 

Can you really sit through the entire procedure and get the tattoo? There are some things to consider, but if you have and still think gambling tattoos are a good idea, you have your answer.


Should I pay for a more expensive gambling tattoo artist?

Generally speaking yes. More expensive artists have a bigger portfolio to show. Their work is sought after and they have a proven track record. I would always pay more to have a professional-looking gambling tattoo and avoid cheaper options at all costs.

Does getting a gambling tattoo hurt?

Yes. The pain varies from slight skin irritation to needle pain throughout the procedure. However, depending on your gender and the area you are getting your tattoo, this pain can be mild or more astute.

What gambling tattoo ideas should I consider?

There are many gambling tattoos to consider. You can find inspiration on the casino floor, playing poker or roulette, or just browsing for tattoo designs on Pinterest.

Are gambling tattoos safe?

Yes. Getting a gambling tattoo is completely safe. However, you need to make sure you are going to a trusted studio that will sterilize all equipment before working on you.


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