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Zynga Newly-Acquired Subsidiary Continues to Add New Studios

Zynga has acquired three mobile game studios, namely ByteTyper, Cresaur Entertainment, and ZeroSum, through a subsidiary, Rollic. The studios will bolster Zynga’s market share in the mobile game development market and offer new and original content to the brand’s consumers.

Zynga Carries on with Acquisition Push

Zynga originally bought a major stake in Rollic in 2020 for the sum total of $180 million, gaining an important foothold in the mobile game development segment sector.

The acquisitions, financial details about which were not revealed, put the company in a strong position. Rolic will be able to use the newly-acquired assets to create exclusive in-house content that will be readily available to players.

ByteTyper has previously collaborated with Rollic, creating the acclaimed Touchdrawn title. Cresaur Entertainment is now adding Money Maker 3D and Hit Guys to the company’s offer and ZeroSum has been known for games such as Long Nails 3D, Off-Road Race, Barista Life.

Rollic welcomed the additions with co-founder Burak Vardak, extolling the concentrated technical expertise of the studios and their ability to create compelling products. He added:

“These acquisitions further our strategy of expanding our in-house network of innovative developers to support live services with ongoing creative updates, while also adding to our portfolio of inventive games.”

Rollic co-founder Burak Vardak

New Developers Mean New Opportunities for Content

The acquisition of Rollic, and the current purchases of the trifecta of studios, still pale in comparison with Zynga’s acquisition of another Turkish game maker, Peak, for the sum total of $1.8 billion. Zynga has been caught up in numerous acquisitions this year, with the company purchasing ad platform Chartboost for $250 million back in May.

Last month, Zynga bought StarLark, another mobile games developer, for $525 million and the company seems to be not relenting from its M&A strategy. Zynga reported a loss in Q3, even though it recorded growing revenue.

The company has not focused on profitability through and this may be okay, as securing more value-added assets would allow the firm to eventually “boom” as it slows down the acquisitions and focuses to add to its bottom line.


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