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YouGov Survey Reveals Fans’ Support for Gambling Logos Shirt Ban in Soccer

Premier League soccer clubs voted recently to ban gambling companies from promoting their brands on the front of soccer shirts from the end of the 2025/26 season

However, campaigners argue that this ban does not go far enough. A new YouGov poll of 1,000 soccer fans reveals that three-quarters of fans support the removal of gambling companies’ logos from the front of the teams’ shirts.

Soccer Fans Consider Betting Firms as Inappropriate Sponsors

The poll shows that over half of the fans surveyed would support extending the ban to advertising on pitch-side hoardings. Meanwhile, two in five would like to see betting firms permanently removed from soccer shirtsleeves. A majority would also like to see gambling companies barred from sponsoring leagues or cup competitions.

Fans were most likely to say that gambling firms are the wrong fit as 77% of them describe betting companies as inappropriate sponsors for soccer teams, with just a fifth describing them as appropriate sponsors.

Of course, gambling is not the only controversial industry to sponsor soccer. Before putting any of the above questions to fans, they were asked which companies they considered appropriate or inappropriate marketing partners for teams. 

Even though gambling is definitely seen as inappropriate, it is not the only industry that soccer fans have issues with. Fans also find cryptocurrency, alcohol, and fast food companies to be unsuitable sponsors. But the YouGov survey shows that fans are most likely to see gambling companies as the least appropriate sponsors, even when compared to alcohol or crypto.

The YouGov survey highlights the increasing concerns of soccer fans regarding the association of gambling companies with soccer. With the majority of fans supporting the front-of-shirt ban on gambling companies, it is now up to the Premier League teams to consider whether their current ban goes far enough, or if they need to go further to address fans’ concerns.

Premier League Takes Voluntary Action to Address Increase in Gambling Advertising

On April 13, the Premier League announced that its clubs have agreed to remove gambling firm logos from the front of their shirts starting from the 2026/27 season. The move came as part of the Premier League’s voluntary efforts to address the increase in gambling advertising and make progress towards responsible gambling sponsorship. 

The decision followed extensive consultation between the league and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). While the clubs will still be able to advertise their gambling firm partners on their shirt sleeves, gear, on pitch-side hoardings, or elsewhere at the stadia, the agreement will come at a significant cost for the clubs. Currently, there are eight Premier League clubs featuring gambling firm sponsors on the front of their shirts with an estimated total value of £48 million ($60 million).


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