March 21, 2023 2 min read


Yoti Delivers Identity Verification Solutions for Flows

Thanks to the new collaboration, Flows' platform will benefit from Yoti's Digital ID app and Identity Verification technology

The innovative award-winning integration and automation platform that delivers efficiencies for iGaming operators, Flows, announced a new partnership with the digital identity technology company, Yoti. The new deal, announced Tuesday, sees Flows’ platform benefit from leading technology provided by the UK-based digital identity company.

Under the terms of the new partnership, Flows’ platform adds Yoti’s Digital ID and Identity Verification technology, delivering fast, reliable and robust identity checks for partner operators. The new technology resonates well with Flows’ “plug-in no-code platform” that supercharges the development of iGaming operators by delivering efficiencies through automation.

The Solutions Enhance the Experience for Flows’ Partners

Thanks to the integration of the Identity Verification technology and Digital ID app, Flows’ platform is expected to deliver immediate benefits for its customers. Besides helping with identity verification, partner operators can benefit from meeting compliance requirements and combatting fraud or other foul play attempts.

Through this new partnership with Yoti we can now instantly provide our customers with easy access to leading identity verification technology so that they are able to provide fast customer verification on-demand instantly improving the overall KYC process.

James King, CEO of Flows

James King, Flows’ CEO, explained that the company remains committed to offering agnostic solutions for its partners that help them continue their work seamlessly. He added that the new partnership with Yoti delivers further benefits for Flows’ customers that can enjoy identity verification technology. In conclusion, King said that this technology is expected to help improve know-your-customer processes for the operators.

We’re delighted to offer our leading Digital ID app and Identity Verification technology on the Flows platform.

Robin Tombs, CEO at Yoti

Robin Tombs, Yoti’s CEO, added that the company is delighted to deliver its technology to Flows’ platform. He pointed out that the two solutions are easy to integrate and can help “more businesses to unlock the power of digital identity, and benefit from fast, simple and robust identity checks.” Finally, Tombs said that the solutions allow the customers to select a way to prove their identity, making the process easier.


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