Xtremepush and Movable Ink Partner up to Provide Real-Time Data

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Xtremepush, a world-leading customer engagement and data platform, has partnered with Movable Ink, а content platform supplier for digital marketing providers based in the US.

Xtremepush and Movable Ink Join Forces

Xtremepush, a leading multi-channel marketing automation platform, has joined forces with Movable Ink, а personalized content platform provider for digital marketing providers based in the US, to activate its real-time products across customer touchpoints.

Now, Xtremepush can provide an elevated personalized customer experience through content personalization, including push notifications, in-app messages, and email. Behavioral data will generate the content consisting of product reviews, live pricing, loyalty points visualizations, abandoned cart CTAs and more.

Xtremepush’s analytical features give marketers the ability to understand their app customers right from the start. The platform’s insights provide marketing specialists a competitive advantage. They can deliver hyper-personalized campaigns to reduce customer attrition.

Movable Ink helps digital marketing specialists to create a visual experience across multiple channels. According to the company: “visual is the language that moves people.” Its visual experiences help more than 650 of the world’s most innovative companies to reach their customers.

What Does This Integration Do?

With this integration, clients of the two companies will employ Movable Ink tools to activate any data into real-time, personalized content across all customer networks. The company’s content connects all relevant data to the recipient’s recent interactions.

Movable Ink Senior Director of Client Experience Neil Basi said that many marketers end up with static content despite having real-time data. According to him, this is because they wrestle with creating one-to-one cross-channel interactions at scale.

Movable Ink clients can go to the Xtremepush listing in the Movable Ink Exchange and learn more about the integration. The Movable Ink Exchange is a compilation of the most trusted marketing technologies within the platform. It allows marketing specialists to generate personalized content.

Campaigns, built with Movable Ink dynamic and data-activated content, are sent through the Xtremepush platform and rendered in real-time across mobile and email channels with personalized relevant content at the moment of download.

Campaign Personalization Is Xtremepush’s Top Priority

Xtremepush CEO and co-founder Tommy Kearns said that the company is happy to partner up with Movable Ink, one of the world’s most respected marketing technology providers. He stated that Xtremepush’s platform made campaign personalization a priority from day one.

In Basi’s opinion, to reach customers, marketers need to prioritize hyper-relevant experiences across channels. He said that the company is excited to collaborate with Xtremepush and deliver better marketing performance and engaging customer experiences across customer touchpoints.

Campaigns with Outstanding Customer Experience

Marketing Director of clients, Live Score and Virgin Bet, Rick Leask, said that his team uses Xtremepush and Movable Ink integration across channels to deliver relevant content in real-time to their customers.

He said that the integration combines data from both systems with external sources upon customer consent and allows them to build personalized campaigns that create an outstanding customer experience. He said that this integration is crucial as it helps them build a communication strategy with a competitive advantage.

Kearns said that Xtremepush sees that rich segmentation and first-party data have the most impact on customer engagement.

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