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xQc Asks Twitch Why the Double Standards on Neymar $1M Poker Loss

The Twitch personality and former sponsored gambling streamer has vituperated against Twitch for letting Neymar, a soccer star, play and lose money on stream

xQc, who grew famous around his video gaming and then slot streaming career, has been unhappy with how Twitch tends to prohibit streamers such as himself play slots on certain websites, but has questioned whether Neymar losing $1 million on camera playing online poker was actually any better.

What’s Up with the Double Standard?

The streamer seemed shocked that Neymar would be allowed to lose such an extensive amount of money on a camera, and used rather robust language to describe how he felt about the situation:

I don’t want to be some anti-Twitch bandwagoner, but this is some pretty big pick and choose dogshit.


xQc said that he disagreed with what he saw as double standards, and argued that if streamers like himself and Trainwreck, another popular if somewhat controversial gambling streamer, tried to stream gambling content the same way Neymar had, they would be banned.

He has a point as Twitch has been particularly tough on gambling streams of late, so much so that Trainwreck said he would create his own streaming platform, Kick, where he would continue to stream slot content.

Neymar, much like xQc, was not too perturbed after his loss, although he acted it out well on camera. Neymar seemed distraught at the moment, but his $50 million salary is more than enough to shrug off a $1 million loss on online poker.

However, xQc’s criticism of Neymar remains unchanged and resonates with other streamers who have been questioning whether they can show a certain type of content on stream now that Twitch threatens to ban unregulated gambling.

Good Argument to Be Made in Neymar’s Defense

xQc was not met with overwhelming approval, as many of his viewers also pointed out that the website that Neymar had used to “gamble away” the money was not in fact on Twitch’s banned list.

His arguments, therefore, fans pointed out were just petulant and not really based on objective reality. This is also a good point. xQc was known for mostly streaming websites that were not necessarily regulated in the main countries his audiences were from.  


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