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XFL Kicks Off Today, Signs Partnerships with FanDuel, Fox Bet

After the dust of Super Bowl 54 has settled, another league is stepping into the limelight. What used to be the off-season will now be filled up with the resurrected XFL, a second-division American football organization that will keep you entertained.

With sports betting interest in the NFL and Super Bowl LIV proving quite exciting, sportsbooks will try to ride the popularity of football in the US and offer betting lines on the XFL which kicks off today, February 8, 2020.

Fox Bet Becomes the Authorized Gaming Operator for the XFL

Fox Bet and Fan Duel have signed partnerships with XFL, joining the League in its first season after a several-year break. As a result, Fox Bet will be the authorized gaming operator for the XFL.

As part of its responsibilities, Fox will have to focus on providing competitive lines and odds, but also develop unique products designed to spread awareness. Enter the Fox Sports Super 6 game which will be available each week during the regular season.

Fox will also be authorized to use the XFL’s intellectual property, such as brands, logos and even the league data to help itself boost its sports betting offering. The company is also releasing a free-to-play game as well as a betting app to make digital wagers an option on the XFL.

Commenting on the partnership, Robin Chhabra, Fox Bet CEO, said that the company was excited to be the official partner for the league. According to Chhabra, the XFL is reimagining the future of American football so is Fox charting a new course for sports betting in the U.S.

The same sentiment was shared by XFL president and COO Jeffrey Pollack who acknowledged Fox Bet’s leadership position in American betting and said he was proud to partner with “such an important player in the […] community”.

The New League Reimagines Attendance and Prices

The XFL will focus on accessibility and engagement with fans. Furthermore, it will be a new outlet for talent, so if someone goes to college and plays football, they can either progress to the XFL or the NFL, with the XFL having a more accessible entry-threshold for athletes as well.

Furthermore, the XFL is also backed up by a $500 million investment, making it resilient to market fluctuations. According to McKinsey Global Institute research analyst Oliver Luck, there are estimated 40 million people out there who want to see more high-paced football action.

Fantasy Sports Coming to the XFL

FanDuel has agreed to become the official fantasy sports betting partner for the rebooted league. The company has long been one of the go-to DFS options in the United States even in pre-PASPA terms, offering great options to true fantasy sports fans.

Commenting on this partnership, FanDuel president Kip Levin said that the XFL and FanDuel share a “global goal of creating compelling fan experiences,” and by joining efforts, the two League and company can provide sports fans with precisely what they need.

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