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Xanada Investments to Reshape iGaming Business Scaling

Xanada Investments seeks to create a community of businesses that support each other and move toward excellence together

Vladimir Malakchi, Evoplay’s former chief commercial officer, has launched an ambitious new investment fund that will target promising projects within the iGaming industry.

Described as an “ideological investment fund,” Xanada Investments will target pre-seed, seed and series A funding of innovative online gaming projects. The fund hopes to change how iGaming business scaling is approached and provide investment that extends beyond just financial support.

To that end, Xanada Investments will seek to create a community of businesses that support each other and move toward excellence together. The fund wants to help startups discover their unique power, understand it and accept it, helping them make significant business breakthroughs.

As the name Xanada Investments suggests, the fund hopes to create a xanadu-like business ecosystem and create strategic bonds between industry leaders and create a global community.

Malakchi said that the fund’s mystical name has significant importance to him.

Malakchi, who departed Evoplay earlier this year, had been working for the company since 2019. Now wanting to pursue other opportunities, the casino industry specialist is looking to transform the iGaming industry.

Join Xanada on an Extraordinary Adventure Towards Excellence

Malakchi commented on the launch of his new investment fund, saying that he is very excited about this new project and its significance. He also said that Xanada Investments is an ideological fund that leverages a robust set of ideals.  

Why ideological? We have combined everything that is most important to us in life and work, which allows us to move forward to our peaks in one place – our xanadu – our ideal business vision to find people like us and help them build their xanadu-like business.

Vladimir Malakchi, CEO & managing partner, Xanada Investments

Malakchi further explained that his fund is to build an ecosystem of businesses that would allow each member to move toward excellence.

Beyond typical investment resources, we offer a community that shares our business values, goals, and philosophy. Joining us means receiving not only funding, but a place for implementation and a community of like-minded people.

Vladimir Malakchi, CEO & managing partner, Xanada Investments

In the meantime, Xanada Investments shared a LinkedIn Post that invited iGaming startups and entrepreneurs alike to join it in discussions that could result in potential partnerships and shape the future of online gaming.


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