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Xace to Offer Payment Solutions in Canada

Xace, a payment provider to the gaming industry, has launched its offerings in Canada as a Money Service Business (MSB).

Xace to Launch in Canada

Xace received official approval from Fintrac to launch its products in Canada. The company, which offers banking and payment solutions for gambling companies, will now be able to operate in the country and capitalize on the fast growth of Ontario’s gaming market.

The new launch will allow its clients to pay and receive sums in Canadian dollars. In addition, customers will be able to convert Canadian dollars into eight other currencies, including US dollars, Euros and Pound sterling.

Xace’s solutions are perfect for gaming brands that wish for an alternative to traditional banking. The company operates in jurisdictions all over the world and partners with some of the best brands in iGaming. Thanks to the foray into Canada, the company will now be able to offer $CAD currency options to its global network of customers.   

Executives Are Excited

The chief executive officer of Xace, David Hodkinson, spoke about the launch. He noted that being able to serve the Canadian gaming market is a great opportunity for the company. Ever since the launch of iGaming in Ontario, Canada has been one of the best destinations for betting companies. Hodkinson said that his team is thrilled to enter Canada and offer its product to local operators. According to him, Xace seeks to “push boundaries” and remain at the forefront of payments within the gaming sector.

Andria Evripidou, the company’s chief banking officer, also shared her thoughts. She noted that she is delighted to launch Xace’s services and accounts in the North American country. Evripidou lauded Canada as an “unmissable opportunity” and said that she is excited to welcome local customers.

With all the recent developments in the financial and gaming ecosystem, Canada became an unmissable opportunity for Xace. I look forward to welcoming Canadian customers to our platform.

Andria Evripidou, chief banking officer, Xace

Xace Wants to Win the Battle for iGaming

Xace’s launch in Canada is a huge step that will propel the company forward. Expansion is one of the company’s main ambitions. A few months ago, Gambling News spoke with Xace’s team, which told us that the payments specialist has “set out to win the battle for the gaming industry.”

As a true differentiator, Xace offers products that high-street banks do not provide. Xace’s accounts, the team told us, are developed with the gaming, esports and affiliate businesses in mind and remove barriers for those requiring accounts, payment, FX and virtual card products.


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