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WPBSA Continues to Probe Match-Fixing Allegations against Ten Players

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association has targeted ten professional snooker players who are now facing an investigation into alleged betting offenses

The breaches, if proven, could lead to a ban from the sport and a fine, with the exact penalty determined based on the severity of each case.

WPBSA’s Integrity Unit and Sportradar have conducted a thorough probe that now suggests that the targeted individuals have been complicit with betting offenses and have effectively broken the WPBSA Conduct Regulations policy.

Tackling Corruption in the Sport Is a Top Priority

The rules clearly state that players are prohibited from placing or accepting bets on their own games, or any games connected to events sanctioned by the WPBSA or its affiliates. Doing so, even when a proxy is used, constitutes a punishable offense.

WPBSA also has rules for corruption and alleges that players who attempt to fix or contrive, or in any way seek to artificially manipulate the final outcome of a game, will also be brought on counts of match-fixing.

All ten players are from China and they have been suspended from participating in the World Snooker Tour, or other WPBSA events for the time being. The suspension could potentially be lifted provided that all people involved in the case are cleared of all charges.

The names of the alleged match-fixers and offenders include Chen Zifan, Zhao Jianbo, Bai Langing, and Yan Bingtao, most of whom are fairly prominent players. Some of the players targeted by the WPBSA were charged with attempting to manipulate others by approaching them and trying to arrange matches.

Everything Hinges on Making Sure Snooker Has Integrity

The case was brought in December and reported at the time, with the WPBSA only beginning their investigation into the matter. Corruption in snooker remains an issue as the sport continues to enjoy surging popularity.

For this to remain so, however, it would be necessary for the governing body to ensure that competitions are free of manipulation to guarantee the sustainability of the ecosystem. Meanwhile, there has been no shortage of investors.

BetVictor said that it will continue to support the World Snooker Tour for the 2022/23 season, with Steve Dawson, the chairman of the World Snooker Tour, being a passionate advocate for the sport and a staunch supporter of making sure that corruption is eradicated from snooker once and for all.


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  • Rob Marshall
    January 25, 2023 at 1:52 am

    The “investigation” into alleged gambling on snooker matches comes as a major hypocritical and desperate act by WST and ferguson, The WST exists on Gambling money as sponsors, doesn’t pay the young players so what are they to do? If you want a proper and clean competition PAY the players and dont rig the system towards the same players all of the time. WST has even handed over their draws in the tournament to the Gambling concerns, yet claim to ban anyone gambling on snooker. HYPOCRITES We saw it at the Stephen Lee case banned for life virtually for non proven allegations while John Higgins admitting on film to accept 300K to rig games for a whole year gets a slap on the wrist.

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