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Woman Refuses to Leave Slot and Pees on Casino Floor

Holding on to your luck sometimes means letting go of something else

Many people believe in succeeding with the help of good luck. Some engage in good luck rituals, others make a wish when a clock shows the same number three or four times. But then there are some that believe that good luck can be lost and they need to hold on to it.

This is precisely the case of a young woman that was recently recorded playing a slot machine and refusing to leave even for a bathroom break. Yes, that’s right, a woman actually refused to leave her seat at a slot machine to even go to the bathroom. And she peed on the floor of the casino instead.

The new viral video shows a young woman playing a slot machine and peeing in her seat. There’s a puddle on the floor and sadly, she doesn’t mind and continues to gamble as if nothing happened. But why would anyone do this someone might wonder? Well, there’s a myth surrounding slots and particularly winning streaks and luck.

Many gamblers believe that once they start playing a slot, they must continue until they win. Although that sounds like at-risk gambling or even gambling addiction, apparently such activity isn’t anything new. Gamblers would sit and play slots sometimes for hours and not even go on a bathroom break. It’s no surprise that this would continue until the person has no money left, or, in some cases wins.

If anyone leaves their slot machine, then another person would swoop in and hit the big win, dedicated gamblers say. This is a prime reason why people would spend hours and refuse to leave their slot machines even for a bathroom or a snack break.

Slots Veterans Would Rather Use Diapers

The video that hit Instagram last week doesn’t confirm the name of the venue or the identity of the player. However, that apparently isn’t important, as peeing on the casino floor isn’t that uncommon. Seasoned gamblers come prepared for such situations by using diapers.

Comments on social media under the newly released video confirm that using diapers to keep your spot on a slot machine is a thing. What’s more worrying, some online users explained that many people would even die on the casino floor and not leave the slot machine they are sitting at. One online user noted that people fail to take their medication or do not engage in other medical treatments to keep their slot. “They find people dead at slot machines all the time,” wrote that online user.

In Nevada, a person caught urinating or defecating in public can be subject to a fine or prison. Such activities are typically labeled as a misdemeanor and can be subject to a fine of up to $2,000 or even imprisonment.


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