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Woman Arrested after Brandishing Weapons at Harrah’s Casino AC

Although the defense attorney claims that the woman never used her weapons to threaten anyone, the judge was not convinced

Sarah Watson, a Somers Point woman, is under arrest for attempting a robbery at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. Investigators found out that this isn’t her first crime either.

As reported by Breaking AC, Watson, 35, was arrested Friday at the casino where she pulled out a knife and an electroshock in the midst of a dispute over money. According to witnesses, her threats followed a heated argument with other people in the casino.

According to assistant prosecutor Harlee Stein, witnesses say that the argument really infuriated Watson, at which point the Somers Point woman pulled out her weapons and demanded $700. The angry woman allegedly went as far as threatening a victim by holding the knife toward their throat.

On the contrary, defense attorney Raquel DeStefano claims that there was no such threat and that Watson herself told the people around her to call the police. According to DeStefano, Watson and the other involved people were all intoxicated and arguing over money.

DeStefano also noted that the police found the knife and the electroshock in her bag and claimed that the woman never actually pulled them out to threaten others. However, Superior Court Judge Patricia Wild was not convinced.

Watson has also an active warrant in a pending prostitution case. Court records show she was also involved in a drug case and was required to serve at least two years. Her “impressive track record” also includes instances of child abuse and filing a false report.

Breaking AC concluded that Watson will remain under arrest while her case goes through the court.

Other Casino Crimes

Unfortunately, Watson isn’t the only case of recent casino crime. A few days ago, alleged participants in an unlawful gambling ring in New York were arraigned in Federal Court. Meanwhile, a Texan resident by the name of Nathan Nichols was sentenced to 2+ years in prison for running an illegal gambling operation.

At the beginning of March, a visitor of the Snoqualmie Casino in Washington state was arrested. Snoqualmie police officers believe that the man, a 22-year-old called Allen Mekto, has been involved in more than 50 robberies.

Mekto wasn’t very good at covering his tracks and on multiple occasions showed up at the casino wearing the exact same outfit from a different crime scene. Eventually, the police were able to track him down to the Kent Valley Motel and arrest him. It turned out that Mekto has a history of crime dating back to his juvenile years.

As of the time of this writing, the Mekto remains at the King County Jail on a $280,000 bail. He is currently charged with one account of robbery but more charges are expected to be linked to him.

Elsewhere, Okada Manila kidnappings resulted in five people being arrested.


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