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Wind Creek 84-Year-Old Patron Attacked and Beaten Out of $10

A now identified and apprehended man attacked an 84-year-old lady as she was leaving the Wind Creek Casino on Wednesday, December 11.

Man Attacks 84-Year-Old Wind Creek Patron

A $1 million bail has been set for a man who assailed a female 84-year-old Wind Creek Casino patron, forcing the victim into her car and eventually beating and robbing her.

Hykeem Rasmeen Sessoms, aged 38, was quickly identified by the police, and the manhaunt led to a lockdown on Wednesday. Upon the successful arrest, Sessoms was sent to the Northampton County Jail where the bail was posted.

He is now facing multiple charges, including robbery, terrorism, theft, kidnapping, aggravated battery assault and simple assault. This comes a month after another man, one Jory D’Michael Trayvunn Dumas was convicted of stealing $200,000 from Wind Creek Casino.

The Day of the Attack

The victim was leaving the Wind Creek Bethlehem at around 2 PM on Wednesday, December 11, when Sessoms assault her and asked for her bag. According to the victim’s testimony, Sessoms immediately kicked the lady in the shin and asked for her belongings, warning her he was armed.

He then forced the victim into her car and held her at gun point, ordering her to drive around and finally heading back to the casino. Sessoms continued to harass the lady as she was driving around town, with the perpetrator hitting her on the head several times while still asking for her money.

Sessoms eventually went through her bag where the lady had $10 in cash. He hopped off Easton Avenue and Jennings Street. After the case was reported, staff and students at Liberty High School and St. Anne’s School were locked in as the manhunt began.

Meanwhile, the victim was rushed to the St. Luke’s Hospital Anderson without any life-threatening injuries. Police acted quickly, using the cameras in the Wind Creek’s parking lot as well as eye witnesses to confirm the identity of the man they were looking for.

One Wind Creek employee overheard the attack with the woman screaming back at the assailant that she had no money. The staff member did notify security right away but by the time people arrived at the parking lot, the kidnapper and the victim were already away.

When Sessoms was finally apprehended, he denied having been to Wind Creek Bethlehem in the first place.

Sands Bethlehem and Wind Creek

Before having been acquired in July, Wind Creek was known as Sands Bethlehem, but that changed when the Wind Creek Hospitality completed the acquisition of the property and rebranded it.

Before the Sands became Wind Creek, the property was slapped with several fines for allowing underage gambling on the premises. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) counted 11 such cases and issued $235,000 in penalties accordingly.

The regulator issued the fines in April.

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