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West Flagler to Try Taking Florida Betting Case to the SCOTUS

West Flagler has also filed a constitutional challenge against the Florida Governor

West Flagler and Associates continues its battle over the future of sports betting in Florida. The firm will now try to involve the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in hopes of preventing the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s attempt to dominate and expand the betting market.

Florida legalized sports betting for a while but the vertical was quickly put on hold as the state became the battleground for a huge conflict between casino companies and the Seminole Tribe. Florida legalized sports betting on November 1, 2021, but had to shut down the market on December 4 that same year. Various parties in the state have been involved in this legal battle ever since.

A contract with Gov. Ron DeSantis provided the Seminole Tribe with the exclusive right to operate sports betting, to the casino operators’ dismay.

Operators have since alleged that the contract is unconstitutional since it didn’t secure voter approval. In addition, casino companies have pointed out that tribal operators shouldn’t be able to operate outside of tribal lands, in accordance with Florida’s laws.

West Flagler and Associates has been trying to reverse the DC Circuit Court of Appeal’s mandate. Recently, it tried to request a stay motion but its appeal was rejected by the DC Circuit Court.

Left with few other options, West Flagler has now launched a petition to take the case to the SCOTUS.

The Fight Goes On

It is not certain whether the SCOTUS will hear West Flagler and Associates’ case. This means that the matter may continue to drag on as everyone anticipates the SCOTUS’ decision.

In any case, the launch of this petition is set to prevent the Seminole Tribe from launching its Hard Rock Bet brand.

Bullish on preventing the tribe’s betting expansion, West Flagler has also filed a constitutional challenge against the Florida Governor. According to the firm, the Governor should not have expanded the state’s gambling industry without a public vote.

West Flagger alleges that the tribe’s betting operations undermine the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) and possibly breach the state’s rules, which prevent tribal gaming outside of tribal lands. The firm also noted that the measure that allows the Seminole tribe to expand its betting operations may violate the Equal Protection Clause since it provides the tribe with a statewide monopoly over the vertical.

For reference, casino operators in the Sunshine State lost their federal case before a three-judge panel earlier this year. However, West Flagler eventually rekindled the fight.


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