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Wagerr Sportsbook Bouyed up by Esports in Latest Update

Crypto betting site Wagerr has seen a silver lining in the slow-down for traditional sports markets, with Wagerr’s esports operations picking up and the company continuing to draw some traditional sport action all the same.

Wagerr Registers Slow Betting Week, But Sees Positives

Blockchain betting platform Wagerr has released a rundown of its week April 13 through April 19, noting a significant increase in gambling on esports although overall, the handle has been falling.

On Tuesday, the company Tweeted the latest overview of the betting activity that took place last week. The total betting volume has reached 3,776,617 $WGR out of a total betting volume to date worth 332,583,329 $WGR.

In terms of net value, the volume for the week was worth $84,720 out of total value of $18,129,526. The biggest loser for the week was a 63,887 $WGR bet placed on DRAW Belshina Bobruisk & Smolevichi ST1.

A bet on electronic sports team Cloud9 paid in full, though, fetching the bettor 175,123 $WGR. In the meantime, the event to get the most wagers was Rukh Brest vs FC Minsk, part of the Belarusian League.

Wagerr admitted that there had been a significant drop in the total volume occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this had given an opportunity for electronic sports to take precedence, driving interest in esports betting.

Esports Pulls a Lot of Action Last Week

Dota 2, a game developed by Valve, drew the most action across 75 different events whereas the Belarussian League only had 9 events. Wagerr said that it had used the recent slow-down in normal betting activities to assign its team on working around adding more competitive events.

Electronic sports or esports has been a clear focus, with Dota 2, CS: GO, league of Legends, Rainbow Six, Overwatch and Call of Duty part of the available markets to bet on, alongside some other mainstream sports that haven’t been suspended.

Concluding the update, Wagerr informed users that the company’s product continued to evolve, adding new and unique markets and opportunities to place a bet.  

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