January 30, 2023 3 min read


W2 Signs Partnership with Crucial Compliance and nChain

W2 has partnered with Crucial Compliance and nChain to provide blockchain-based solutions for compliance

The leading provider of regulatory compliance services for the gambling industry has inked the iconic partnership with technology supplier nChain and the one-stop shop for all compliance, regulatory, corporate responsibility, and professional service options for Distributed Ledge Technology. 

The latter will offer blockchain-powered compliance options to global gaming operators. Together, the trio hopes to strengthen the plethora of compliance solutions that are now being offered by W2 and Crucial Compliance. 

“A Complete Solution That Puts Players First”

Gaming operators in international markets can expect to receive more support for overcoming the typical legislative challenges they are faced with. They will also benefit from guidance on how to prepare their processes and tools for the future. 

Distributed Ledge Technology has already proven its important role in reshaping the industry. The new collaboration between the three powerful companies is expected to bring the transformation to a new level by focusing on regulation and compliance for the first time.

The new initiative, considered a breakthrough partnership, aims to protect players by mixing W2’s know-how and tools with nChain and Crucial Compliance’s expertise. Distributed Ledger Technology offers a complete solution that strives to put players first and considerably simplify compliance for gaming operators, according to W2’s chief executive Warren Russell.

Crucial Compliance’s chief executive Paul Foster called Distributed Ledger Technology the “future of regulatory compliance and player protection”. He also explained that the trio will enable all operator partners to leverage the massive potential of the technology right now while preparing for the future. 

nChain’s sales director Nick Hill praised the way blockchain can boost processes that are considered crucial for businesses in many sectors with special emphasis on gambling operators and their compliance with the freshest regulations and the protection of players. Hill also explained the fresh solutions would help operators lower the risk of getting fined while protecting their reputation in the blockchain market.

W2 Launched the Affordability for Gambling Solutions

In May 2022, W2 also launched the Affordability for Gambling Tool that enables operators to complete comprehensive affordability checks without negatively affecting their customers’ experiences. The solution is aimed at satisfying player protection and safer gambling requirements by mixing data assets from several sources at individual, geographic, and demographic levels on a “where available” basis. 

With the help of the new tool, operators can gain more insight into multiple affordability indicators that would help protect their players, while fully complying with current regulations, and preventing potential fines and damage to their reputation.

W2, Crucial Compliance, and nChain will send their representatives at the ICE VOX LONDON event that will be held on February 7-9.

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