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Vivo Gaming Named Best Live Casino Supplier at EGR

Vivo Gaming, a leading live dealer casino software provider, scored a big win at yesterday’s EGR Awards. The company successfully rose above its competition and was named Best Live Casino Supplier.

This victory was by no means easily earned. It is all thanks to Vivo’s hard work and impressive new products that it was able to grab the prestigious prize. For example, the past few months saw the provider develop a myriad of innovative products. These include solutions such as Absolute Blackjack, Chroma Key offering, CMS Lobby, Promotional Tournament Tool and Scibo, to name a few.

Vivo Offers Cutting-Edge Solutions

Vivo Gaming recently upgraded its acclaimed dedicated live casino studios. Thanks to that, the provider’s clients now have more freedom to customize and localize their live casino offerings. The aforementioned Chroma Key solution, for example, allows operators to spice up their sites with enhanced visuals. Instead of brandishing a solid color background, Vivo Gaming’s partners can place an image or video of their choice.

The customization options don’t end here, as Vivo clients can use the CMS Lobby tool to enhance the customer experience even more. It is intuitive, smooth and beloved by the players. Thanks to CMS Lobby, companies can integrate a fully interactive chat between players, allowing them to communicate while playing.

The Promotional Tournament Tool, on the other hand, allows players to win a variety of prizes just by playing. Furthermore, it adds an additional competitive element as it keeps players informed of potential big wins and allows them to keep track of their spot on the leaderboard.

However, Vivo Gaming’s best feature is most likely its unlimited player feature. Thanks to the innovative tool, rooms can host more than seven participants. As result, multiple people can enjoy live casino content at the same time.

Vivo Promised to Continue Its Hard Work

Martin Hodges, the marketing director of Vivo Gaming, commented on the award his company received. He noted that Vivo’s team is both delighted and humbled to be named Best Live Casino Supplier. Hodges added that it feels good to know that his team’s hard work has paid off. He shared that he happy the company has received recognition on such a prestigious stage. Because of that, Hodges vowed to continue innovating and providing customers with what they need and more.

Vivo Gaming realizes the need for tools such as leaderboards, countdown timers and chat systems. It also realizes how crucial it is to allow operators to fully customize the live casino experience they wish to integrate into their platforms.

It is thanks to Vivo’s understanding of what operators and gamblers love that it managed to earn the prestigious Best Live Casino Supplier award.


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