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Virginia: Richmond Voters Reject Casino Project Once Again

A recent referendum marks the second time residents of Richmond vote against a casino project

Residents of Richmond, Virginia, once again voted against a proposed project that called for the development of a casino. The proposed $562 million project sought the development of Richmond Grand Resort and Casino, a new casino that would’ve been constructed just off Interstate 95. Supporters of the project said that it would bring economic stimulus, boost tourism and local businesses. However, opponents disagreed with the positive aspect of a casino in Richmond, warning it would bring financial hardships and crime.

Back in 2021, Richmond voters once again were asked to vote in favor or against a casino project. At the time, some 51% of the residents voted against the project with 49% supporting it. Now, the margin is even higher, as suggested by a report released by NBC12, revealing that some 61% of the Richmonders voted against the casino project based on data from the Virginia Board of Elections.

The referendum results come after an intense competition between supporters and opponents of the casino project in Richmond. Late last month, No Means No Casino, an anti-casino group founded by Paul Goldman, won a legal fight against the state over voter registration lists. The US District Court for the Eastern District Court of Virginia ruled in favor of Goldman, asking the Virginia Board of Elections to provide him access to the lists, something that is not uncommon for political candidates and committees.

This enabled No Means No Casino to continue its fight against the casino project, despite fears about the significant funding of the opposite side. Judging by the recent results, despite the spending in support of the casino project, residents of Richmond have once again stopped the project from lifting off.

Richmond Grand Resort Thanks Residents Who Supported the Project

After the referendum results were released, Levar Stoney, Richmond’s Mayor, released a statement explaining: “I will continue to be a voice for communities that have been historically overlooked and underserved.” The Mayor said that he remains dedicated to bringing good paying jobs, affordable child care and career opportunities for all residents of the city.

We are grateful to the thousands of Richmonders who voted for good jobs and a stronger city, especially those in southside who poured their hearts into this project,

reads a statement released by Richmond Grand Resort and Casino

Richmond Grand Resort said in a statement that it was proud to engage in a campaign that sought to develop new opportunities for the city’s residents. The group that supported the expansion of casino gambling thanked all the Richmonders who voted in favor of the project that was expected to revitalize the city, delivering new jobs and economic stimulus.


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