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VIP Gambler Picks Bone with MGM Springfield over Missing $21K

A high roller gambler from New Jersey has made the headlines over close to $21,000, which the person claims went missing from his room at the MGM Springfield in Massachusetts. The property has denied the accusations, arguing that the semi-professional blackjack and poker player had checked out when the money was reported gone, MassLive.com first broke the news.

High Roller Ejected from Hotel Room Without His Knowledge

The high roller is a habitual traveler across commercial casinos in the United States. He travels to some 30 properties to gamble every year in his own account. The customer’s high profile makes it a sensitive matter to MGM Springfield, which would not want to be in the center of a scandal where gamblers’ money disappears.

So far, the evidence does not suggest that the property’s own fault in security has anything to do with it. Richard Angelica, though, argues that he did leave $30,000 in his room safe and went to a New England Patriots football game. Upon his return, Angelica found out that his key no longer would open the door for him.

Hotel officials came to the rescue. When Angelica entered the room, he found out that $20,900 out of his $30,000 was now missing. Officials said that he had checked out. Speaking to MassLive.com, Angelica argued that he had not once had a similar accident in the past. Shortly after arriving on December 26 at 9:30 am, the victim and his brother headed out to the game.

Police and Authorities Already on the Matter

However, after returning to the hotel at 7 pm, the events described in the report rapidly began to unfold. Angelica said that officials had been denied clarity into why he had been checked out or how that happened. While MGM Springfield has not offered a broad comment for MassLive.com, the property did confirm that the Gaming Enforcement Unit of the Massachusetts State Police had been appraised of the events.

One possible but the far-fetched explanation is a sort of cyber-attack on the casino, but this would be bizarre given that it was only Angelica who has been affected. The case is even more curious given that whoever swept the money only took $21,000, leaving $9,000 behind. The police have not offered an official comment, but it’s possible that someone close to Angelica may have planned the heist.


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