March 29, 2021 3 min read


Videoslots Launches Brand-New “Pool Play” Feature

Videoslots’ “Pool Play” feature will make the jackpot experience more fun, more social, and potentially come with a much better chance of winning big.  

Videoslots Launches Pool Play to Make Jackpot Games Social

Jackpot hunting has been a solitary business for many years now, but Videoslots wants to change that. The operator is rolling out the “Pool Play” feature, which, upon closer scrutiny, makes perfect sense.

Essentially, Pool Play allows slot players to band up and look for better jackpot opportunities and wins as a team. The logic that goes into this isn’t much different than how companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt create jackpot networks.

Only this time, players will buy-in to a pool for a minimum and maximum amount and create a shared balance. Any winnings after that will be divvied up by the team of players, bringing a distinct social element to the offer. 

Yet, nobody needs to stay around longer than they would feel comfortable with. Instead, players can cash out early and collect their share at any time. This feature is not yet live, though, and it will be added to Videoslots’ “Battle of Slots” during the first week of May.

Full Transparency and Array of Game Features 

Players will be able to team up and try their cumulative luck on Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune titles, with more titles probably coming down the line. Videoslots chief marketing officer Ali Atam shared his insight on the upcoming feature, which he expects to be a hit.

“Pool Play is set to take Battle of Slots to the next level by introducing a social game network that allows players to interact and support one another,” Atam added. 

Moving forward, players can benefit from their shared balance and hunt bigger bonuses as part of a team. There will be a communication feature added, allowing players to keep in touch and even strategize about their next move. 

Videoslots is designing the solution with transparency in mind, with everyone able to see who is participating. There will also be a leaderboard and the win share percentage and each player’s contributions, along with buy-in and cash-out buttons. 

Videoslots’ “Pool Play” feature is a must-try by anyone looking for better chances to hit the jackpot. Earlier this month, Videoslots teamed up with BetGames.TV to consolidate its offering of products.


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