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VICI Properties Commits $700M to Transform The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

As a component of VICI's Partner Property Growth Fund strategy, this capital injection seeks to finance a range of projects, including hotel room renovations, gaming floor optimization, and improvements to entertainment and convention amenities

VICI Properties Inc., a prominent real estate investment trust (REIT), has unveiled plans to inject up to $700 million into The Venetian Resort Las Vegas for extensive refurbishment projects, marking a significant step in enhancing the renowned integrated resort’s offerings and guest experience.

VICI Properties Teams Up with The Venetian for Major Upgrades

This capital infusion, part of VICI’s Partner Property Growth Fund strategy, aims to fund various initiatives such as renovations to hotel rooms, optimization of the gaming floor, and enhancements to entertainment and convention facilities. The endeavor seeks not only to elevate the property’s overall appeal but also to augment its intrinsic value in the market.

According to John Payne, president and chief operating officer of VICI Properties, the collaboration with The Venetian Resort underscores a commitment to innovation and progress within the hospitality sector. He expressed enthusiasm about supporting impactful expansion endeavors at the Las Vegas landmark, citing the impressive performance achieved since VICI’s acquisition alongside funds managed by Apollo Global Management, Inc. in 2022.

David Kieske, chief financial officer of VICI Properties, emphasized the strategic alignment of the Partner Property Growth Fund strategy with the company’s overarching objectives. He highlighted the dynamic nature of VICI’s real estate assets and the potential for creative capital deployment to optimize operational efficiency and profitability.

VICI Properties’ $700M Capital Injection and Poker Room Expansion

The funding agreement entails an initial investment of $400 million to be disbursed in 2024, with an additional $300 million available for drawdown until November 1, 2026. Rent payments under the existing lease agreement will be subject to incremental increases, beginning on the first day of the quarter following each capital infusion, reflecting a 7.25% yield.

Furthermore, the agreement stipulates that incremental rent hikes will commence annually at a rate of 2.0% from March 1, 2029, with subsequent escalations tied to either a fixed percentage or the Consumer Price Index (CPI), capped at 3.0%.

The Venetian Capital Investment is expected to be financed through a combination of cash reserves and the partial settlement of forward equity sale agreements, underscoring VICI’s prudent approach to capital allocation and investment management.

Additionally, the Venetian Resort Las Vegas is relocating and expanding its poker room to a larger space on Level 2 of the Grand Canal Shoppes, set to open in the summer of 2024. 

In a broader context, this initiative exemplifies a growing trend among REITs, including VICI, to provide financing for tenant-driven enhancement projects in the gaming and hospitality sectors. Such arrangements not only diversify revenue streams for landlords but also contribute to the overall enhancement of property values, thereby benefiting all stakeholders involved.


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