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VGCCC Issues Charges to Tower Hotel for Alleged RG Violations

The gambling regulator issued three charges against the operator of the Tower Hotel, alleging breaches related to responsible gambling

In September, the gambling regulator in Victoria, Australia, the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC), issued 35 charges against the operator of the Tower Hotel in Hawthorn East, Rumotel Pty Ltd, over alleged failures to implement YourPlay, a mandatory pre-commitment technology, on their electronic gaming machines and kiosks. At the time, the regulator alleged that the operator also failed to ensure compulsory training for its employees.

Now, the VGCCC hit Rumotel with additional charges, alleging breaches related to responsible gambling. On Thursday, the gambling regulator revealed that the operator is facing an additional three new charges, claiming it breached the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct. This happened after allegedly Rumotel failed to ensure a Responsible Gambling Officer was present at all times on the gaming floor.

According to the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct, part of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003, currently in effect in the state, operators that fail to ensure the presence of a Responsible Gambling Officer breach their license conditions. Moreover, the VGCCC alleged that the operator failed to maintain a Responsible Gambling Register.

Gambling operators in Victoria are required to have a Responsible Gambling Officer present at all times during operating hours. Such officers intervene whenever patrons show signs of excessive gambling or distress. Whenever such incidents happen, they must be recorded in a dedicated Register, something Rumotel failed to implement, as announced by the VGCCC.

The Regulator Continues to Monitor Compliance of the Gambling Operators

Annette Kimmitt, VGCCC’s CEO, revealed that there are strict rules in effect for gambling operators. Those rules, similar to the ones in other sectors, seek to protect the well-being of casino visitors and protect players from harm. “The VGCCC will continue to pursue venues that deliberately fail to apply their responsible gambling code of conducts in full,” explained Kimmitt in conclusion.

Just as you wouldn’t operate a public swimming pool without a lifeguard, venues are required to continuously monitor their gaming floors and intervene whenever the welfare of players is at risk.

Annette Kimmitt, CEO at VGCCC

In light of the additional three charges, the VGCCC said that a fine of AU$1,386,900 ($880,600) may be implemented. Considering the previously described 35 additional alleged breaches, the total for the 38 charges may result in a fine of AU$2,145,072 ($1.36 million).

Last month, the VGCCC hit eight gambling operators, alleging underage gambling. One of the gambling companies impacted at the time was Tabcorp. At the time of the announcement, Kimmitt said that it is an obligation of the gambling operators to stop underage individuals from accessing their venues.


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