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Vermont’s DMH Launches New Problem Gambling Website

Currently, over 11,600 Vermont residents are estimated to be struggling with a gambling problem, according to official data

The Vermont Department of Mental Health (DMH), a body seeking to improve the conditions and well-being of all Vermonters, unveiled the launch of a new website designed to support those struggling with gambling harm.

The new site, VTGamblingHelp.org, will serve as a “valuable resource for those seeking immediate assistance and support for problems related to gambling,” the DMH said. Additionally, the site will offer safer gambling materials to those seeking to promote responsible gambling.

The launch of VTGamblingHelp.org comes six months after Vermont launched its own sports betting market. The new site will complement the gambling market, providing help to those who take their gambling too far.

Currently, over 11,600 Vermont residents are estimated to be struggling with a gambling problem, according to official data. VTGamblingHelp.org will address this issue, providing these players with vital support services.

According to the DMH’s announcement, the new site includes:

  • 24/7 helpline staffed by professionals that would provide consumers with immediate assistance
  • Live chat that gamblers in need can contact anytime
  • Self-exclusion services that players can use to limit their gambling for a set period
  • Tools that allow players to assess their habits and see if they are at risk of harm or need help
  • Treatment options through referrals to programs in Vermont

The Site Will Provide Resources to Bettors and Treatment Providers

Elliott McElroy, responsible gaming program coordinator at the DMH, commented on the new launch, emphasizing the dangers posed by problem gambling and the importance of taking action against it. He described the new website as a space for individuals to find the resources they need to navigate problem gambling or simply learn more about responsible gambling.  

Dr Kelley Klein, medical director at the DMH, also commented on the matter, highlighting the concerning proliferation of gambling addiction and the need for support. Klein said that the DMH team is very excited to launch VTGamblingHelp.org and provide relief to gamblers in the state.

We are thrilled to have launched this site and optimistic about the resources it will provide to Vermonters.

Dr Kelley Klein, medical director, DMH

VTGamblingHelp.org also includes a For Providers section where treatment organizations can learn more about upcoming free trainings.


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