October 11, 2022 3 min read

Veritone and Stats Perform Team Up for AI Sports Voice Technology

The leading sports data and analytics company, Stats Perform, announced a new partnership with Veritone

Stats Perform and Veritone Join Forces

The new collaboration was announced Tuesday and sees Stats Perform leverage its leading Opta sports data combined with award-winning synthetic voice AI technology provided by Veritone to offer new AI voice commentaries for sports betting platforms, media organizations and other sports betting entities around the globe. The new synthetic AI voice technology will enrich Stats Perform’s capabilities. 

According to the company, the innovative technology is expected to be used for “enabling voice-enhanced commentary for automated match previews, recaps, player bios and play-by-play.” Additionally, Stats Perform will leverage the technology to provide access to content for sports fans that may have reading disabilities or are visually impaired. The synthetic AI voice technology will help spread sports content to audiences around the globe in their native tongue.

Veritone’s partnership with Stats Perform is truly a tipping point within the sports tech and AI industries.

Ryan Steelberg, president at Veritone

Ryan Steelberg, Veritone’s president, explained that the new partnership marks a milestone moment for the AI and sports tech industries. He revealed that the innovative AI voice technology will be the first such technology introduced for sports reports at a global scale. Last but not least, Steelberg said: “It takes storytelling in sports to a new level and dramatically transforms fan engagement.”

The New Technology Will Help Create Localized Content

Steve Xeller, Stats Perform’s chief revenue officer, deemed the AI voice commentary as a natural step for the sports industry. He pointed out that Veritone’s technology enables the creation of voices not only in English but German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and even Arabic. This, according to Xeller will help expand the reach of Stats Perform’s content and provide localized content. Last but not least, he pointed out that the collaboration will provide vital support for people with disabilities and impairments.

Thanks to Veritone technology, our users will now have the ability to create custom voices in partnership with beloved broadcasters, in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Arabic, and incorporate these lifelike voice options into stats reporting to reach wider global audiences with localized content.

Steve Xeller, chief revenue officer at Stats Perform

Founded four decades ago, Stats Perform is now a leading provider of sports tech solutions for the growing industry. As an innovator that continues to invest in its products, the company leverages machine learning and AI to constantly improve its products and enhance the experience for sports fans. 


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