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Vegas Policeman-Turned-Sex-Offender Runs Away

His charges include oppression under the color of office, misconduct of a public officer, and coercion with force or threat of force

A former Las Vegas police officer who was accused of sexual misconduct in 2023 is on the run. The defendant, Wendell Phillips, was expected to appear in Clark County District Court on April 11 to face charges but he never showed up. A warrant for his arrest has now been issued.

Phillips was arrested in November when he was charged with abusing his power. Charges include oppression under the color of office, misconduct of a public officer, and coercion with force or threat of force.

An alleged victim told the police that she first encountered Phillips in Sunset Park. The woman approached the officer to report an incident that involved illegal shooting and domestic battery from earlier that day.

Instead of helping the woman out, Phillips drove her to a secluded area of the park where he parked the car and told her to stay. At that point, the woman emailed her mother about her situation.

Phillips then returned with a personal vehicle and was now wearing a different outfit. After getting inside his car, he and the woman drove to Santa Fe Station where Phillips told her that she “belongs to him now.”

Phillips allegedly also told her that he could get her a job and provide food and housing. He warned her that she would otherwise land in prison for three years because of her track record of prostitution and theft.  However, he also promised her that he could fix all of her legal issues if she slept with him numerous times.

The two proceeded to have sex in the backseat of the vehicle. After they left the casino, the two had a disagreement and the woman eventually escaped to get help from another officer.

Phillips was Arrested in November

Phillips was questioned at his home on October 7. He was surprised that he was under investigation and confirmed that he had given the woman a ride. According to his version of the story, however, the woman had pleaded for him to give her a ride and he had only been helping her. The ex-officer later admitted to having slept with the woman.

Phillips was officially arrested on November 16 and had his bail set at $50,000. He was also fired from his job at the police on the day of his employment. Phillips was released on November 20 with an ankle-monitoring bracelet.


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