June 14, 2021 3 min read


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Vegas Nightlife Gets More Colorful With Cannabis Lounges

Cannabis lounges are going to be the newest entertainment arriving in Las Vegas, Nevada soon. A new bill introduced by Assemblyman Steve Yeager proposes the establishment of licensed cannabis lounges which will allow on-site consumption of cannabis and cannabis edibles.

A Bill Proposes the Creation of Licensed Cannabis Lounges

Cannabis was legalized in Nevada back in July 2017. Since then, smoking, vaping, or consuming marijuana has remained controversial as it was only permitted in private homes. Although tourists and Nevada visitors can legally purchase the substance, its consumption was limited, considering that hotels, and casinos have banned on-site consumption. Furthermore, people who consider smoking or vaping the substance at a public place, at a hotel, or casino, risk facing misdemeanor charges.

With that in mind, the current situation may quickly change, thanks to legislation signed by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak earlier this month. Assemblyman Steve Yeager, who sponsored Assembly Bill 341, is looking to change the way Nevada residents and tourists can consume cannabis. The proposal calls for the creation of licensed venues, which will allow on-site consumption of marijuana. Businesses that currently dispense the substance can apply to add a cannabis lounge to their site. However, regardless of how many dispensaries each company has, only one lounge will be permitted.

Before Launching Cannabis Lounges, Preparations Are Needed

Although the proposal comes into effect on October 1, the lawmakers are yet to specify certain rules. For example, the legislature is yet to define what types of marijuana products will be allowed in the cannabis lounges. What is known so far is that lawmakers are planning to start by licensing 20 cannabis launches initially. Although smoking, as well as single-use cannabis edibles and beverages, may be allowed, gambling and alcohol will likely be prohibited in cannabis lounges.

Speaking at Nevada’s senate finance committee, Yeager compared the new type of venue to a bar, with the exception that there won’t be alcohol. Instead, he revealed that consumers would be allowed to smoke cannabis, or ingest it via food or soda. Furthermore, Yeager did not exclude the possibility of more businesses adopting cannabis-friendly options, such as expensive restaurants, yoga studios, and even comedy clubs.

It could be a joint, an edible, it could be an infused food or infused soda, whatever the concept might be.

Steve Yeager

Besides the legal details which are still pending, the future businesses would also need to prepare their staff. Each of the employees working at the cannabis lounges will need to undergo training about the products which will be offered. Employees would need to be able to describe to the consumers what the expected effect is, as well as how strong each product is and for how long does the effect lasts.


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