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Vegas Casinos Pay Out Millions in Jackpots to Lucky Players

Some customers won not one but two jackpots

Casinos on the Vegas Strip and beyond have paid out millions of dollars in jackpots to players over the past few days. This has highlighted the gambling industry’s potential to change lives and reward lucky customers.

Lucky Customer Makes It Look Easy, Wins Two Jackpots in a Row

Speaking of luck, one of the aforementioned jackpot winners won not one but two jackpots, hours apart. The fortunate player was firing up the reels of slot machines at Caesars Palace Las Vegas when they won their first prize.

After winning $165,000 at 5 am, the player continued playing for a few more hours. Five hours later, the same player struck another prize, this time winning a staggering $545,000.

Overall, the player’s journey to the casino turned into a $710,000 payday. The lucky Caesars customer preferred to remain anonymous and did not disclose their plans for the money.

Caesars Rewards Member Wins Over a Million

Caesars Palace was not the only Caesars-owned Vegas property to pay out a huge jackpot. A week ago, a Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino visitor won a jackpot of over a million dollars.

The customer, who was a Caesars Rewards member, visited the casino to play some Pai Gow Poker. To their surprise, they hit the mega progressive jackpot, receiving a whopping $1,208,521.

For reference, this jackpot was won on February 28.

Casinos Outside the Strip also Made People Rich

Beyond the Vegas Strip, a number of other Vegas casinos also turned their customers’ lives around by paying out huge prizes. These included a $450,600 jackpot from a $10 bet at Red Rock Casino on Friday. The huge prize was won by a lucky Double Double Bonus Poker player.

A day later, Red Rock paid out jackpots to a Super Double Double Bonus Poker player. After winning $200,000, the customer proceeded to play and, mirroring the Caesars Palace player, won a second jackpot, this time scooping up $160,000.

Green Valley Ranch Nevada, on the other hand, paid out $595,800 to a lucky player from Arizona.

Speaking of winners from Arizona, a visitor of the Inn of the Mountain Gods in New Mexico just won a record-breaking award for the casino. After wagering $3.75 on a slot, the woman claimed a huge $1.13 million prize.  

On the topic of jackpots, the Powerball jackpot hit $443 million for the recent drawing and, after not getting claimed, no stands at $485 million. The next drawing is scheduled for March 6.


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