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US Self-Exclusion Service Expands to California

Bettors in the Golden State will be able to take advantage of NVSEP’s comprehensive services, helping individuals struggling with problem gaming or financial hardships

The National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program (NVSEP) has announced that starting in August, Californians will have access to a free, simple way to voluntarily self-exclude from gambling activities. This expansion follows the program’s recent introduction in several other states, furthering NVSEP’s mission to provide accessible gambling self-exclusion support to individuals across the USA.

California Presents Unique Challenges

Many Tribal casinos in California already have functioning self-exclusion programs, separate from the upcoming initiative. The NVSEP expansion pertains only to California’s over 60 card rooms. idPair, the company behind NVSEP, was adamant that it did not have an official relationship with the state of California or its card rooms, and the state reserved the right to decide if it integrates NVSEP.

Despite this hurdle, NVSEP remains optimistic regarding its California expansion. The organization has partnered with the California Council on Problem Gambling (CCPG) to ensure the program addresses the specific needs of Californians. Robert Jacobson, executive director of CCPG, emphasized the importance of self-exclusion as a tool for those struggling with gambling addiction. 

Individuals (can) request that a card room prevent them from gambling at, or in many cases entering, the premises for a designated period. This can be a crucial tool for those battling gambling addiction.

Robert Jacobson, CCPG executive director

Jacobson pointed out the challenges of the current system, where individuals must enroll in person at a card room, which can trigger a relapse or deter them from enrolling entirely. Alternatively, mailing in a notarized form can be an option, but the requirement for notarization adds an extra barrier, particularly for those facing financial hardships.

Self-Exclusion Remains a Vital Safety Tool

NVSEP’s comprehensive approach to player safety seeks to solve many of the current challenges associated with self-exclusion. The program’s offer of free notarization services aims to remove these barriers, making the self-exclusion process more accessible. Jacobson noted that the improved ease of access would be vital for countless Californians dealing with gambling addiction.

idPair CEO Jonathan Aiwazian was likewise optimistic regarding NVSEP’s California expansion regardless of regional challenges. He used the opportunity to highlight the program’s commitment to expanding free and easy access to voluntary self-exclusion. Aiwazian hoped that success in California would pave the way for further expansion, bringing NVSEP’s services to other US bettors struggling with addiction.

This announcement (can) help many of the tens of millions of people who either call California home or make it a travel destination and need a free and effective way to protect themselves.

Jonathan Aiwazian, idPair CEO

With this upcoming expansion, NVSEP’s free gambling self-exclusion support will cover over 100 properties and 36 online operators across five jurisdictions. This initiative marks a significant step towards providing vital support to those dealing with gambling addiction and making self-exclusion more accessible to people in need, as evidenced by its past successes.

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