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US Regulators Should Brace for the Forthcoming Expansion of iGaming

NCPG’s 2023 National Conference hosted a panel where regulator representatives shared their thoughts on the expansion of iGaming in the USA

The rise of problem gambling related to the expansion of iGaming in the United States was one of the hot topics at the National Council on Problem Gambling’s 2023 National Conference. During the event, regulators highlighted the importance of minimizing the risks of harm amid the expansion of online casino gaming.

The USA is still fairly conservative when it comes to online gambling. While some states have been warming up toward the vertical, many remain skeptical of it because of its potential to exacerbate harm. As a result, efforts to legalize online casino have been receiving mixed responses.

However, some believe that the arrival of iGaming is inevitable. For example, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement director David Rebuck said that the states should brace for the proliferation of the vertical. During a panel at the event, Rebuck admitted that he isn’t certain what that will bring but noted that the iGaming revolution will happen sooner or later.

His sentiments were echoed by Amanda Blackford, the Ohio Casino Control Commission’s director of gambling services, who confirmed that the expansion of iGaming “is gonna happen.” Her state already allows online wagering on sports, signposting an important development for the industry.

The Industry Be Ready to Face Certain Challenges

As noted by the authority representatives, iGaming is happening, whether everyone likes it or not. However, whether the industry is prepared to tackle online gaming or not, is another question.

Since the USA is still fairly new to regulated online gambling, many states might not be prepared for the harm risks that the vertical poses. According to multiple studies from other jurisdictions, the accessibility of online gaming makes it more harmful to at-risk customers.

In addition, regulators also recognize the importance of protecting young people from gambling advertisements. Usually, the launch of a new legal vertical is preceded by aggressive marketing campaigns which can easily cause harm to vulnerable audiences.

Rebuck suggested that jurisdictions with fresh iGaming markets can take inspiration from states with long-running iGaming industries. He said that regulators should be able to identify what works and what doesn’t and be flexible when it comes to the implementation of such measures.

Rebuck agreed that the same approach might not work in every state, which is why casino authorities should be able to tweak and adapt measures already in use in other states.

Blackford also addressed the matter and said that gambling authorities should use the data available to them to measure risk and come up with mitigation plans.


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