January 16, 2020 3 min read


US Congressional Backing Brings Gaming Caucus Back to Life

The latest news that Congressional Gaming Caucus has been relaunched by the two US Rep. Bennie Thompson and Guy Reschenthaler is one of a series of developments since the start of 2020, which promises to be a busy year for the betting and gambling industry in the US.

Brought Back to Life

The Gaming Caucus is a bipartisan group within the Congress that provides a platform for discussions on legislative matters regarding the casino industry among its more than 30 members from different states around the country, serving as an educational tool for other fellow Congressmen.

The Caucus consists of 19 Democrats and 11 Republicans, plus three of the four members of the House of Representatives from Nevada, will be co-chaired by Thompson and Reschenthaler and will in fact represent the interests of the gambling industry, promoting gambling as an acceptable “form of entertainment” within the American society.

“Over the last several decades, the U.S. gaming industry has expanded beyond traditional gaming markets in Nevada and New Jersey to benefit new communities, including those in southwestern Pennsylvania. I’m proud to relaunch this caucus, which will provide a valuable forum for advancing policies that allow the gaming industry to grow and spur economic development in districts like mine.”, Rep. Reschenthaler, Pennsylvania.

Expectations Running High

The importance of the recent event within the Congress for the gambling industry is emphasized in the recent press release from the American Gambling Association /AGA/, where they applaud the decision to take the Congressional Gaming body out of its dormant state, in line with their 2019 top priorities with regards to the expanding role of gaming within the American society.

“As gaming expands, it’s more important than ever that members of Congress from both gaming and non-gaming states appreciate the important role our industry plays in communities across the country”, Bill Miller, President and CEO of AGA.

The recognition on such a high level for an industry worth $260bln that creates career opportunities for more than 2mln Americans, demonstrates the growing role of the gambling industry not only in terms of taxes, but also as a job creator and brings new hopes for the gambling operators for further facilitation in terms of legislative activities regarding their operations.

Taxes and jobs aside, gambling has become part of the American culture not only by bringing fun to the public as suggested by recent studies where 88% of adult Americans recognize it as an entertainment, but by also performing a social role through the active support for local business initiatives, donations and other types of contributions to nonprofits and philanthropic organizations in the communities, working and partnering hand in hand with them.

Will the Congressional Gaming Caucus deliver to the expectations of the gaming operators is still a question to be answered, but at least the consent for federal support is there.


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