September 29, 2021 2 min read


UPshow Develops New SportsBook Platform for In-Venue TV Screens

UPshow has introduced a new platform dedicated to boosting the retail betting experience and bringing the best of both the brick-and-mortar and online sports worlds. The company, which specializes in on-site entertainment and marketing for the hospitality industry, has introduced its SportsBook Build Platform that will seek to solidify UPshow’s expertise in providing state-of-the-art sports betting experiences. 

UPshow already has ties with sportsbook partners, and the new solution will create a unique digital sportsbook engagement channel through TVs at partner facilities. Retailers will also be able to bring their own sportsbooks, and UPshow will continue to leverage data and APIs to continually improve the betting experience through on-screen engagement.

UPshow CEO Adam Hirsen highlighted the expertise the company brought to the table and said: “There isn’t a hospitality brand with a sports ethos that isn’t thinking about how to launch a sportsbook strategy and experience in-venue.”

On-Screen Engagement and Improving Sports Betting for All 

For this precise reason, UPshow has sought to integrate a robust sports betting platform that can meet demand. “Our customers can connect to a variety of popular sports betting providers already integrated into our system or connect to our retail partners’ top choice for a sportsbook partner,” Hirsen explained. 

UPshow’s standard sports betting product allows fans to use mobile devices to place bets, register, and deposit funds. The company provides odds and updates in real-time to help fans always be one step ahead of their peers, and the relevant sports information is rapidly updated across TV screens at partner venues across the United States. 

More top sportsbooks are tapping into UPshow’s engagement platform to leverage their TV screens at some of the country’s biggest and most prestigious retail sportsbooks. UPshow has been in business since 2015, and it has launched its products on over 25,000 screens around the world. 


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