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Union Workers in Las Vegas Ready Picket Signs Bracing for Historic Strike

Even though talks are continuing, union representatives are still unhappy with the present status of the negotiations

Tensions are escalating in Las Vegas as the Culinary Union intensifies its preparations for an impending strike against major casino resorts, including MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and Wynn Resorts, slated for November 10. Union members have been assembling picket signs at their headquarters near Wyoming Avenue and S. Las Vegas Boulevard in anticipation of the strike deadline.

Las Vegas Union Members Express Dissatisfaction Over Progress

Expressing their frustrations, union members voiced concerns about their working conditions and job security. Emphasizing the personal stakes involved for the workers and their families, Aretha Wilder, a union member said: “We’ve worked hard for these companies. We deserve not to be left behind. We deserve not to have our hours cut, we deserve not to have to work two or three stations.” 

Elsa Roldan, another union member, emphasized that there had been limited progress in the negotiations, stressing the lack of significant improvements. She stated that from the beginning, they had been willing to do whatever it took to secure a fair contract, highlighting the union’s steadfast determination.

Despite ongoing discussions, union officials remain dissatisfied with the current state of negotiations, reported KTNV Las Vegas. Ted Pappageorge, the Union’s Secretary-Treasurer, acknowledged some movement in recent weeks but emphasized that it still falls short. Pappageorge explained that they were cautiously optimistic and mentioned that if any company did the right thing and made substantial concessions, they could potentially reach a settlement. He hinted at the possibility of one, two, or even three of these companies facing strikes.

Culinary Union Urges Support for Workers Amid Formula 1 Turmoil

In addition to the ongoing labor dispute, the developments have further heightened concerns regarding the Formula 1 Grand Prix scheduled to begin on November 16. The Culinary Union has urged race attendees to support their cause by refraining from crossing picket lines and avoiding hotels and casinos affected by the labor dispute.

Amidst these tensions, the Culinary Union remains firm in its demands, emphasizing that the proposals put forth by the employers, while historic, are insufficient. Union leaders, including Secretary-Treasurer Ted Pappageorge, have underscored the workers’ rights for fair treatment and just contracts, particularly in light of the substantial profits enjoyed by the corporations involved.

Two weeks ago, members of the Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas organized a nonviolent demonstration to draw attention to their ongoing contract talks with prominent casinos. Around 58 demonstrators were apprehended during the protest, which sought to raise concerns about essential matters such as salary increases and a better work environment.


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