Unibet to Host Swedish Poker Championships for 3 Years

The Swedish Poker Association has brought in Unibet as the host of the Swedish Poker Championships for three years.

Unibet to Host Swedish Poker Championships in Next 3 Years 

Unibet is expanding its presence in Sweden through a new partnership with the Swedish Poker Association. The pair have agreed on a three-year partnership for the Swedish Poker Championships (Poker-SM) event, which the poker brand will now host. 

That comes a year after Unibet hosted the event for the first time and elicited a strong positive response from the country’s players. Because of the high level of satisfaction achieved over the period, the SPA has reached out to Unibet and brought it in a more official position.

Unibet will advise on what format the Poker-SM tournament should take next and what potential alternations would need to be made from one year to the next. The partnership lasts through 2023, starting this March. 

Professional poker player Robert Svedin said that having Unibet host any future events felt “completely right” as the company had a proven track record. Not just that, but Unibet was someone who could invest in the Swedish Championships in the long-term, helping the ecosystem develop.

Organic Growth and Long-term Player Acquisition 

Unibet has seen to it that the event grows organically with more people joining, a trend that everyone hopes to keep through for the years to come. Unibet tournament manager Leo Wagenius said that hosting the next editions of the Swedish Championships would allow the company to develop a long-term strategy rather than trying to work year-for-year.

The poker brand would be able to invest more readily and into better long-term objectives. The goal, Wagenius argued, was to lead to a consistent increase in participants’ numbers. 

PokerEvent Sweden AB COO Mauritz Altikardes said that it was good to see a brand such as Unibet show interest in the event. “It’s nice to see a brand that doesn’t want to just see a quick trade-off from the traffic the event generates,” Altikardes said in a statement published in local media. 

The Swedish Championships will be held earlier this year, starting this month. It will follow the Unibet Online Series and be a nice way to tie one event into another, keeping the poker momentum going. 

Unibet will host numerous satellite events along with special events that award Poker-SM tickets and more to make sure that more grassroots players can join. The event will seek an optimized and player-friendly format to continue carrying out the tournament’s inherent mission, which is to get new players involved.  

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