October 30, 2023 2 min read


Ukraine Takes a Leaf off Las Vegas Book to Oust Russian Influence

Ukraine may seek to collaborate with one of the world’s most established gambling jurisdictions, Nevada, in order to shake itself free of Russian influence in the sector

The country, which recently reformed its gambling framework, has received an invitation from the US Gaming Control Board in Nevada to help it oust Russian influence from the industry completely.  

Ukraine Seeks Input from Las Vegas to Pare Down Russian Influence

The Ukraine’s Gambling and Lottery Regulation Commission is expected to work with counterparts in Nevada in order to better understand how the gambling system in Ukraine can rid itself of Russian influence.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has been particularly sensitive to this topic, and he has issued a sweeping decree, banning companies suspected to have ties with Russia, catching a few good ones in the crossfire.

Olena Vodolazhko welcomed the opportunity and thanked for the chance to see her country learn from the best practices in the United States. She has also been communicating with gambling authorities in Lithuania, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

“But the United States had, so I think their experience can be very valuable for us,” Vodolazhko said. Some high-ranking former officials in the gambling industry in Ukraine have also been targeted by the war, as they were alleged to have collaborated with Russian companies and help them establish a footprint in the country.

Gambling Sector Willing to Set Itself Free

However, Vodolazhko remains optimistic about the future. She notes that the main goal as of right now is to ensure that there is no money laundering involved through the gambling industry in the country. She also said that Ukrainians have risen to the occasion to combat Russian influence in every aspect of governance – not just in the gambling industry but also in the public sector.

She also believes that Russian companies may be keen to make money off Ukrainians which further fuels the aggressor’s ongoing all-out war on Ukraine. Ukraine also recently resumed its 18% turnover tax on the gambling industry after pausing it temporarily. The country has been particularly sensitive to illegal gambling, producing a list of 1,900 websites that it ended up banning.


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