UKGC Extends Public Consultation by Friday, February 26

The public consultation on the prevalence of gambling harm in the United Kingdom has been extended to this Friday when the regulator will collect final feedback from stakeholders and the public.

UKGC Determined to Remit Reliable Data Back to Authorities

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) decided to extend its consultation on the prevalence of problem gambling in the country on Friday. The process will continue through Friday, February 26 and focus on collecting more data from respondents for the regulator to use in determining how to base counteract problem gambling.

According to the watchdog, this information could prove critical in determining what way the Gambling Act 2005 review should continue moving forward. The UKGC is obligated to complete the process as part of a government-mandated measure and then feed any findings back to UK health experts.

The data would be used to try and assess how problem gambling is impacting the population and what could be done to prevent it. More importantly, the regulator may optimize its own way in monitoring and collecting data and how it uses it to create binding regulation that protects consumers first.

Repeatedly, legislators and regulators have called for more reliable data that allows companies to act on hard facts and not stipulations. Several key issues may hinge on how data is collected. Some of the most hotly-debated topics now are affordability checks, loss limits and additional health measures to protect vulnerable consumers.

The upcoming Gambling Act review has many stakeholders on edge as lawmakers are looking to limit player losses to £100. Legislators are also looking to suspend gambling sponsorships for sports franchises, depriving sports of millions.

Without substitute revenue, argue opponents, the sports industry would be left in shambles. Having the consultation data may help find a compromise. Debates are only getting started.

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