January 12, 2020 3 min read


UKGC Could Announce Credit Card Gambling Ban This Week

After a consultation last year, the UK Gambling Commission may announce new restrictions on how players deposit online this week.

UKGC May Introduce Ban on Credit Card Deposits

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has recently been introducing a number of new measures to stop problem gambling rates from rising across the country. This week, one of the biggest changes in the industry could occur, as the UKGC may introduce a ban on credit card deposits.

According to The Guardian, a source states that the UKGC could announce a decision with regards to a credit card gambling ban by Tuesday this week. All of the biggest gambling sites in the UK accept credit cards, including PokerStars, Betfair and 888 – so, this would spark a huge change in the country’s gaming market.

It is expected that the regulator will introduce a ban on credit cards in order to help prevent players from getting themselves into debt over online gaming. Debit card withdrawals would still be permitted, as players would only be playing with their down money.

E-wallets and other online banking methods like PayPal could also be banned. Last year, it was revealed that some online payment providers have allowed players to avoid banking limits and spending thousands of dollars per day.

The consultation for a credit card ban was launched last year. A statement from the UKGC read:

“We are consulting the public and all other stakeholders on the options of either banning the use of credit cards for gambling or introducing limits and restrictions on the use of credit cards.”

So, the UKGC may end up introducing an all-out ban, or there is the option is that online gambling operators may have to put limits how many much players can spend on their credit cards.

Mandatory GamStop Memberships for Operators

Another expected announcement will involve the self-exclusion service, GamStop. The UKGC could potentially announce that online gambling operators must have a membership with GamStop, which would allow their players to exclude themselves from the site.

GamStop provides players with a number of different options for restricting their online gambling activities.  Players can exclude themselves for six months, one year or five years. Once players have excluded themselves, they will no longer receive any promotional material from the gaming operator.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s likely that we’ll hear something this week. The UKGC could make an announcement that will surely shake things up in the country’s gambling industry.


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