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UKGC and Facebook Enable Consumers to Limit Gambling Ads

Facebook and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) have teamed up to guarantee consumers are safe online and see fewer targeted gambling ads.

Facebook and UKGC Unite to Reduce Gambling Ads Exposure

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has teamed up with Facebook and created new guidelines that would limit gambling-related advertisements showed to consumers.

As per the guidelines, Facebook will utilize a number of safety tools and settings. Each is tailored to individual accounts to prevent users from seeing certain types of ads. The algorithm will rely on the consumer’s experience with gambling.

The new settings and algorithm should help consumers mitigate their exposure to messages that could potentially lead to gambling-harm, the UKGC said in a statement.

How is Facebook Addressing Gambling Advertisement?

To ensure the safety of vulnerable consumers, Facebook will work in several key directions. First, the social media platform will allow users to hide ads from their Newsfeed. Users will have better control over what is displayed and why.

Thanks to the “Why I am seeing this ad?” feature, Facebook wants to hide all ads by a specific advertiser if the consumer chooses to. Another solution is the introduction of the Ad Preferences tool. The tool would empower users to see fewer ads by given advertisers or a specific topic.

Last but not least, Facebook is going to offer a Managing data feature. The platform will crunch the data gathered from the other two tools. This way can ensure that users won’t be targeted based on attributes listed on their profiles or browsing history.

The proposed solutions by Facebook are complementary to the Gambling Commission’s own advertising technology challenge. Earlier this year, the UKGC urged operators to commit to safer practices aimed at reducing gambling ads online. The goal has been to make online gambling safer.

VP of Global Gaming at Facebook, Rick Kelley, reaffirmed the social media’s commitment to safety and transparency.

“We’re delighted that our partnership with the Gambling Commission will help operators to implement advertising campaigns responsibly while helping to protect the people who use our services.”

Regulator Welcomes the Partnership

The UKGC has been active in limiting and restricting gambling harm across the entire spectrum of the industry, including VIP programs. With the latest partnership, the commission confirms its dedication to protecting children and vulnerable people, Neil McArthur, Chief Executive at the UKGC confirmed.

McArthur urged the industry to look for new ways to make the industry safer and prevent gambling-related harm. He added that the partnership was a welcome step for the commission, in order to “offer consumers clear, practical advice. McArthur further added that he “hope[d] that this will help them limit the gambling-related content they see when using the platform.”

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