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UK Gambling Operator Allegedly Offered Gambling to New Mothers

A recent report claims that one UK gambling operator had deals with blogs that featured content for new mothers

Currently, there are strict regulations involving gambling advertising in the UK. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which has established robust rules for the promotion of such activities monitors and ensures gambling operators do not breach the rules.

It is pretty standard within any jurisdiction that gambling ads cannot target children and this is the case for the UK as well. But gambling ads in the country also cannot portray the activity as a method for financial gain and cannot be socially irresponsible, among other requirements. Now, a new report suggests that one of the leading UK gambling brands may have breached the gambling ad regulations in the country by including links to casino gambling via blogs aimed at young mothers.

As reported by The Guardian, citing a source familiar with the topic, the popular brand Coral had signed deals with bloggers to include links to gambling content. Allegedly, the links from the articles were posted between 2014 and 2016. It’s important to mention that if indeed there were such links, they were posted before Coral was purchased by Ladbrokes in a deal that dates back to 2018.

Reportedly, one blog that featured recipes for baby foods suggested: “If as a mum you can’t leave the house, then why not consider bingo online? You can click here to play Bingo online at Coral – this momentary break from childcare can prove beneficial.” Another blog that featured content for young parents offered “opulent games of online roulette that are easy to learn and can provide some handy winnings too.”

NHS Condemns Targeting New Mothers with Gambling

Targeting a demographic such as new mothers may be a breach of the ASA’s regulations for gambling. Moreover, Claire Murdoch, the national mental health director of NHS England, deemed such behavior predatory and acknowledged that NHS programs seek to provide vital mental health support, especially for young mothers. Murdoch explained that such behavior is completely unacceptable, considering the challenges new mothers go through that include sleep deprivation and stress.

It’s cynical for gambling firms to target new and single mums at a time in their lives when they may be suffering stress, sleep deprivation and issues which make them particularly vulnerable.

Claire Murdoch, national mental health director at NHS England

A spokesperson for Entain, Coral’s owner, rejected claims about targeting new mothers saying: “Neither Coral nor any Entain brand actively targets young mothers or any other potentially vulnerable group through the use of affiliate marketing.” The names of the pages that allegedly featured links to gambling were not disclosed. Still, the spokesperson for Entain noted: “We do not make payments to any of the sites in the examples provided.” The spokesperson did not reveal whether Coral as a brand has previously engaged in activities such as targeting new mothers.


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