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UK Charity Sector Celebrates Ygam’s 10th Anniversary Year

Ygam will celebrate the occasion through a series of special events, campaigns, and announcements

Ygam, one of the United Kingdom’s best-known gambling harm charities, is celebrating its 10th anniversary year. Its achievements were praised by the entire sector, including by gambling minister Stuart Andrew.

As a leader in the prevention of gambling harm, Ygam has been busy protecting the British sector for a decade, providing education and treatment to many people. Since 2014, the company has trained more than 17,000 to spread awareness of the dangers of problem gambling. In addition, its programs have so far reached over 3 million children and youths.

Ygam will celebrate the occasion through a series of special events, campaigns, and announcements throughout the year.

MPs Celebrated Ygam’s Anniversary

Stuart Andrew praised Ygam’s achievements, saying that he hopes to continue working with the charity.

I congratulate Ygam on their 10th anniversary and we will continue to work closely together with them to prevent young people from gambling harm.

Stuart Andrew

Andrew added that gambling harm protection remains a priority to the government, as per the Gambling Act white paper. He confirmed that the government continues to discuss a variety of measures to shield people, especially children, from harm.

Andrew was not the only one who praised Ygam for its invaluable work. Stephanie Peacock MP, Shadow Minister for Media, Gambling and Sport, also spoke on the matter, praising Ygam for its proactive approach when it comes to raising awareness, conducting research and educating young people.

I thank Ygam for their preventative work and look forward to working with them going forward in our shared commitment to address youth gambling harm.

Stephanie Peacock

Dame Rosie Winterton MP, a deputy speaker in the House of Commons added that Ygam provides a beacon of hope and an avenue for change. She praised the organization’s “fantastic work,” reliable programs and exceptional teaching materials.

Ygam have doubtlessly aided the lives of countless people, particularly young people, by allowing them to see the warning signs of gambling addiction and give them the tools to intervene.

Dame Rosie Winterton

The Charity Sector Praised Ygam’s Achievements

Ygam’s anniversary was also celebrated by a number of other organizations. Ged Flynn, chief executive at PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide, praised Ygam for “turning tragedy to hope” and providing excellent training to educators.

Vicky Shotbolt, Parent Zone’s chief executive, also praised Ygam on the milestone, emphasizing the importance of protecting young people from gambling harm.

Zoë Osmond, GambleAware’s CEO, described gambling harm as a “serious public health issue” and thanked Ygam for its invaluable work.

Gordon Moody’s CEO, Monica Shafaq, was similarly pleased to see Ygam celebrate its birthday and added that 2024 “will be a pivotal year for the gambling harms third sector.”

GamCare’s chair, Margot Daly, said that her team is proud to be a partner with Ygam and is looking forward to collaborating with the charity in the future.

Betknowmore UK’s CEO, Frankie Graham, also described Ygam as a “long-time collaborator” and recognized the impact it has brought to the UK’s gambling education space.

Fiona Palmer, GAMSTOP’s CEO, said that Ygam’s work is paramount to the reduction of gambling-related harm and the stigma attached to it.

Finally, Professor Agnes Nairn, co-director of Bristol Hub for Gambling Harms Research, wished Ygam well for the next decade too.


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