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UK Charities Speak Out against Outdated Fundraising Restrictions

By removing the decades-old barriers, organizations hope to unlock their full fundraising potential and ensure that vital funds reach those in need

The People’s Postcode Lottery and leading UK charities presented a united front ahead of an upcoming meeting with government representatives, urging officials to remove the £50 million ticket sale limit, freeing significant fundraising potential. The extra funding would help charities navigate rising financial challenges, enabling them to answer the increased demand for their services.

Existing Limits Pose Significant Challenges

Current UK gambling regulations significantly impact fundraising organizations relying on ticket sales. The People’s Postcode Lottery is one of the country’s leading supporters of good causes, funding over 70 high-profile charities. However, regulations dating to the 1960s limit ticket sales, preventing the organization from reaching its full potential.

According to People’s Postcode Lottery estimations, eliminating regulatory obstacles would enable the organization to distribute an extra £198 million to worthy causes. In 2020 the UK government raised ticket sale limits from £10 million to £50 million, but that still impedes the Lottery’s ability to raise funds. Removing the limit altogether would enable the organization to answer rising challenges.

Removing the fundraising limits is an opportunity for the Government to make a huge difference to numerous charities… improving lives and communities nationwide.

Catherine Johnstone, Royal Voluntary Service CEO

The UK Gambling Commission allegedly admitted it lacked the historical context of why such limits existed. Several influential MPs, like Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross, also support the Lottery’s plight as it would benefit ordinary citizens at no cost to public finances. Removing the current limit would enable organizations to utilize digital platforms and social media, reaching wider audiences and creating meaningful connections.

The Update Would Give Millions More to Good Causes

The People’s Postcode Lottery has been invaluable in supporting some of the country’s leading charities and community projects. Since 2005, its players have raised over £1 billion. Last year, the organization distributed more than £183 million to deserving causes. These range from cancer charities like Maggie’s and Young Lives vs Cancer to initiatives like Keep Britain Tidy.

With millions in donations on the line, the UK government has every incentive to reevaluate its current policies. Maggie’s CEO, Dame Laura Lee, noted that the People’s Postcode Lottery was one of the primary catalysts for impactful change across the country, so acknowledging and rectifying its underlying issues would aid all the concerned parties.

By removing this needless constraint altogether, the government can ensure charities are better equipped to tackle the myriad of issues facing people and communities most in need.

Dame Laura Lee, Maggie’s CEO

By eliminating these barriers, the government can unlock the full potential of the charitable sector and ensure that community-focused organizations can continue their vital work unhindered. Removing these restrictions will not only have financial implications but should also foster innovation, collaboration, and the ability to respond effectively to the evolving needs of society.

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