December 30, 2021 2 min read


Two Women Arrested in Campbeltown for Secretly Filming Police Officers

A rather bizarre event took place in Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, as two women were arrested for filming naked police officers while they allegedly played strip poker after a night out. According to reports, the incident took place last month in a third-floor flat.

The Video Was Uploaded Online and Sparked an Investigation

This event caught the attention of the police after it was uploaded online and went viral. It was also sent to Daily Record and, as Police Scotland confirmed, the police officers have been released pending further inquiries to find whoever took the footage.

Even though the incident took place while the police officers were off-duty, they were reported to Procurator Fiscal. Now, the officers could face a criminal trial, which puts them at the risk of losing their jobs.

Some beg to differ as they think that prosecuting them is an “unnecessary slap in the face.” One source said that these were all adults participating in activities that they consented to during the night. Yes, it was foolish of the officers to not pull the curtains or blinds, but as reports state, the event took place during the night and on the third floor.

Whoever filmed the incident was likely on the same floor and had a vantage point on the window. The source went on to say that there’s no way that the participants in the strip poker could’ve given consent to being recorded. The video being shared is one thing and getting grilled over by it from your employers is another. That is why the source considers the trial to be too harsh.

Scottish law states that recording people and distributing the video without their consent is illegal. A spokeswoman for Police Scotland stated that even though two women were apprehended, they were later released and that “inquiries are ongoing.”

A separate report confirmed that the participants in the poker night involved three police officers, two male and one female aged 23, 23, and 43.

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