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Two New Poker Variants at PokerStars

PokerStars has launched two new interesting variants on hold’em: Tempest and Deep Water.

Deep Water and Tempest Hold’em: New from PokerStars

After PokerStars announced that it would be getting rid of its Power Up variant, the popular online poker brand has broadcasted the release of two new games. Deep Water and Tempest are two interesting new offerings that players will be able to experience on PokerStars.

Deep Water Hold’em Basics

Deep Water Hold’em is a six-max No Limit Hold’em online poker variant. It introduces a brand-new concept to the game in the form of the Giant Blind, which must be made by the Under the Gun player and is twice the size of the Big Blind.

The game requires all players to make an ante wager, which will increase every hand as long as there is no showdown. For example, if you were to play in a hand where the ante is 10c but the hand doesn’t go to showdown, the ante will increase to 20c in the next hand. This will continue until the ante is four-times as large as the starting ante or the hand reaches a showdown. Then,  it will reset to the starting ante for the next hand.

About Tempest Poker

Tempest Poker is a variant where players only receive two options before the flop. They can either choose to go all in or fold. Additionally, all pots are capped, so players and only wager 20 big blinds. The buy-in for the game will range from 10 big blinds to 20 big blinds.

“Our aim is to satisfy those who may be hungry for a deep strategic challenge, as well as those wanting a simple, no frills thrill. Much like our other exclusive games, Deep Water and Tempest will be offered by PokerStars for a limited period,”

– reads a statement from PokerStars.

These two new online poker variants will be available in the UK, and may be rolled out in other markets afterwards. They are quite interesting games that maintain the original format of Texas Hold’em but there is an additional twist in each variant that caters to a different type of player.

They will only be around for a limited time, but PokerStars has yet to confirm how long they will be around. That will likely depend on how successful they both are among the online poker community.


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