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Two Gambling Industry Fixtures in Spain Create New Powerhouse

R. Franco and Grupo Orenes have joined forces to transform Spanish gambling. The merger will result in the creation of a single biggest manufacturer and distributor for gambling machines in Spain. The partnership will also see changes to the companies’ online gaming operations.  

R. Franco, Grupo Orenes Join Forces

Dealmakers said that the merger was necessary in order for the heritage firms to be able to overcome any further changes in Spain’s gaming market. The government is currently enforcing new federal laws on land-based betting venues.

R. Franco was established in 1965 by Joaquin Franco Munoz brothers and Jesus Franco Munoz. The latter, who serves as the company’s president, said in a statement, “Both companies are united by very strong personal ties and a long history of success. This merger strengthens us in the face of the challenges we want to tackle and assures us of a promising future.”

Franco’s direct competitor, Grupo Orenes in Murcia, is a full-catalog producer of all land-based casino machine components and systems. The company, which has competed against R. Franco since 1968, also manages a managed-services division for entertainment and gambling venues.

Confirming their union, R. Franco and Orenes stated that they would relaunch a new internationalization strategy targeting fast-growth opportunities in Latin American jurisdictions, where Orenes operates casinos in the Mexican provinces of Chihuahua, Queretaro and Guanajuato.

Spain has been rewriting its rules on gambling in the country. Stricter controls are expected to be implemented, impacting everything from how much time people can spend gambling to how much and where gambling-related companies can advertise. For online gaming, the new guidelines have been described by some as a “Big Brother” approach to the segment.

iGaming Operations to Undergo Transformation

Both companies will benefit further from combining their online units to create a digital offering for R. Franco, Orenes VERSUS and sportsbook brands.

Eliseo Orenes, president of Grupo Orenes, said, “This union reinforces us and guarantees our future positioning as one of the main global operators in the sector. We are going to continue working to improve our customers’ experiences and generate value for society as a whole.”

The announcement comes right after Codere, the large Spanish land-based and online casino operator, announced that it had completed its restructuring. Company shareholders now control 95% of the operations and it is expected that some of Codere’s assets will be sold off.


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