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Twitch Streamer xQc Won’t Take Chess over Gambling

Twitch streamer xQc, real name Felix Lengyel, was not flattered when a fellow content creator and fan urged him to stop broadcasting sponsored gambling sessions and switch back to chess instead. xQc has been down this road many times before and since he decided to switch to an all-open endorsement of gambling on his channel.

As one of the most-watched content creators on the Amazon-owned platform, this decision was bound to ruffle some feathers, including those of his father who lambasted the streamer publicly. The fan was clearly taking an issue with the fact that xQc’s position changed rapidly from one of apologizing about having ever streamed gambling content to one that openly endorsed the practice.

Naturally, xQc’s Twitch chat and Reddit forums have been filled with opinions for and against the streamer’s choice to stream gambling. Other content creators, to name Asmongold, Mizkif, and Amouranth have all weighed in on this moral choice.

Fan Asks for More Chess and Less Gambling on Stream

On Sunday, a fan decided to take another shot at dissuading xQc from pursuing his hobby, but instead of going to xQc’s channel, the streamer decided to record a separate video. xQc came upon this video while browsing Reddit where a topic called “Juicer begs xQc to stop gamba and play chess again” caught his attention.

So, xQc decided to watch. He didn’t dwell much on this appeal, but simply said – “Chess? Thanks, man.” He then continued with his stream seemingly unperturbed by the latest poke at his life choices. xQc has become somewhat inured by people constantly appealing and urging him to do one thing instead of another.

An issue to some has been the fact that he should be a role model, but Asmongold, a wide-mouth streamer who got recently banned from Twitch over Diablo Immortal shenanigans, said that nobody should expect streamers to be “role models,” and that they were just people and get to do whatever they want.

However, xQc has admitted to being an actual gambling addict while playing through huge piles of money. The streamer told his fans not to worry, though, because he was one of those lucky individuals who could afford to be a gambling addict. You may not want to be a role model, but this is definitely the wrong message to send, no matter what you do.


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